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Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel Appears To Be Teasing The Mario And Rabidds Crossover

Ubisoft‘s Michel Ancel seems to be teasing the rumored Mario and Rabbids crossover. In a recent post on his Instagram page, the renowned designer shared a picture of himself holding a plunger in his right hand with the following caption: “Everyday’s life … Got to fix the plumbery and felt a bit rabbitified…” You can check out the ambiguous image below. The unannounced project is reportedly in development for Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft recently explained its own vision of the upcoming console.




  1. I’m more interested in the console port of Rayman 1

    That game playing on the television set in the image, let me have that on the Switch. WiiSX can’t run it, and I won’t settle for the inferior handheld port.

  2. Fuck no. That Laura fraud had all of her rumors debunked once we got something different for the Switch event (Arms, Has Been Heroes, etc).

    There’s no way in hell that this is real.

    1. She was right on the capture button the touch screen, legend of zelda breath of the wild release date, and the joycon motion control, hd rumble, and ir sensor.

  3. I honestly don’t care about Rabbids. I’m waiting for them confirm/announce BG&E2 for the Switch.

  4. This just proves there’s more to show. I bet there’s a Direct before launch that focuses more on the west rather than the mostly Japan focused presentation. Either that or E3.

  5. I think this is reference to a level from Odyssey rather than a full game. Look at his Mexican Day of the Dead t-shirt…its the level with the Mexican village we first saw in the Switch reveal. I think those Mexican style characters in the game will be Rabbids.

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Honestly, I could give two shits about this one way or another. I just wanted to express how little I actually care because I’m a little bored right now & don’t feel like playing a video game which I can easily do since I’m using my PS4 to be here right now & I got my n3DS to my right with Pokemon Moon raring to go at any minute now. I… *sniffles* ..I just want to be apart of the discussion! *cries*

    …………….. LOL *goes into a blank expression* But seriously, though. I don’t care.

  7. ||There is no need to panic about an irrelevant hypothetically civilian tool when we already have a Type-Ing weaponry in Mario for the holiday season…||

  8. The Rabbids are the most childish and annoying characters that Ubisoft have ever unfortunately created.

    If the game is real, it will definitely be a chore to play through for me if I have to hear those damn rabbids freaking out all the time. No matter how good the game could be I can’t handle those things for too long.

  9. If this “hypothetical” game is real, why not instead of freaking out and being pissed off about it, just don’t buy it and continue on with life?

    1. Maybe because of the fact that Ubisoft shove these long earred annoyances down our throats every single year instead of making more Rayman games. It burns me that they have more faith in those things than a character that have a much bigger history with them.

      They are the Minions of gaming one way or the other.

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