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Ubisoft: Nintendo Switch Is “A True Innovation”

It seems like Ubisoft has nothing but good things to say about Nintendo Switch. During the company’s latest financial conference call, CEO Yves Guillemot expressed optimism toward the upcoming system and called it “a true innovation” for enabling users to play full-fledged, console-quality games on the go. Guillemot recently teased that Ubisoft has an unannounced Switch game that “will definitely surprise” fans.

“The March quarter will also see the release of the Nintendo Switch,” said Guillemot. “As we already said, we think the platform is great. For the first time ever, players will continue their home console experience on the go while traveling or commuting. That is a true innovation.”




    nomotion no mouse gyro no controller choice and now no home and mobile oh and no touch screen how anyone can fan that it beggers beleif

    1. Um…. what? Can you come back when you learn how to type? Da fuck. Dualshock is 4 gens old huh? I dont see that being a problem for Sony fans. I think its clear hes not talking about the controller when he says its innovative bruh.

    2. Haha well bizarrely I find an odd ring of truth to the things you say, in that I find a lot of those things to be personally far more important to me than graphical fidelity. Of course there is one error in there – Dualshock 4 does have motion controls.

    3. There are ppl out there, claiming that drinking your own urine every morning makes you more healthy. This guy, ladies & gentlemen is proof that this is bullshit.

  2. If the Switch gets a lot of anime games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Ultimate Ninja Storm, One Piece, etc then I can definitely see myself with this console. I want to love it, it just needs to be included in on some multiplats. I am a one console one handheld kind of guy. Will the Switch be good enough to make me “switch” from PS4? I kinda hope so. I mean, how cool would it be to play a game like Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on the go, but without having to sacrifice gaming power.

    1. Well it’s being said that some PS4 titles are being moved to the Switch so there’s a glimmer of hope right there.

    2. Speaking of Sword Art Online, I hear that they are making a VR MMORPG SAO game. A VR game about people stuck in VR where dying in the game kills you in real life….

      1. Wrong! There’s not enough anime! It’s better than half the shit Cartoon Network & Nickelodeon show these days.

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    3. don’t expect the switch to be a replacement of the ps4. Sony consoles can’t replace Nintendo consoles and vice versa. It’s the only reason, Nintendo’s still around. They are going for a different experience.

  3. lets see how its used ,this could end up just as a handheld or just a home console depending on how people use it. i guess the consumer really is going to be the test for this one

  4. Let’s hope they’re right. Personally, nearly every gamer I know is hyped like crazy for the Switch. I’m hyped, but trying to keep my expectations somewhere in the middle.
    I am positive about the system’s power. Since the new Xbox One and new PS4 will require that all of their games need to run on the original Xbox One and PS4, all Nintendo needs to do is come within close range of the Xbox One’s processing power. Now, if you take into consideration the fact that the Xbox One and PS4 and about 3 years old, and that they were both heavily outdated back then when they did release. Their innards were never top of the line, they were shitty laptop parts that almost nobody was pleased with.
    The only concerns I do have for the system have to do with pricing and battery life. What good is the system’s innovation if the thing dies too frequently to truly use on the go? I know that would be a turn off to many people (Including myself since I am a handheld-oriented gamer). Finally, price–Nintendo needs to nail the price on this thing. If they can effectively undercut Microsoft and Sony’s next console “upgrades” and stay very near the Xbox One and PS4’s pricepoints, they have a chance. I feel like their best bet would be to sell the Switch at $299.99.
    Price, battery life, and power need to be balanced extremely carefully with the Switch, especially since Nintendo has stated on several occassions that the Nintendo Switch will NOT be sold at a loss. Like I said before, I am very excited, but I am still slightly nervous about how Nintendo is going to pull this off.

    1. You’re kidding yourself. If the Pro and Scorpio sell well, major 3rd party support for the launch PS4 and XB1 will dry up in 2-3 years tops.

      1. You seem to be confused. Microsoft and Sony have promised gamers that every game that releases on the Scorpio and Neo MUST also run on the original Xbox One and PS4 hardware. Therefore, most of those games will also be ported to the Switch if its power is close enough and it is selling well enough.

    1. I like innovation, the 3DS is my go to system every day. And if you think about it. The Game Boy and its daddy, the Game and Watch were both innovative. And so was adding a small control stick to a controller, and rumble, and the four face button layout. And who innovated all those innovations?

  5. I personally don’t care much about the handheld aspect of the Switch. But, I do hope that it has a better, more reliable internet browser that won’t crash just because I walk to the other side of the house.

    On Wii U, Gmail won’t even work properly. It just constantly crashes. I can barely read one email (or part of an email) before it crashes again.

  6. Ubisoft has always been pretty good at supporting Nintendo platforms (relative to other publishers), and they have somewhat fallen behind in recognition on the other platforms this gen. A successful Switch would be very good for them.

  7. Unless they announce every multiplat coming to other systems, I’m not going to take them seriously.
    Not going to pay full retail price for 6 months old ports either.

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