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Animal Crossing Mobile Game Delayed

Nintendo has sadly confirmed today that the long-awaited Animal Crossing based mobile title for iOS and Android has been delayed. Nintendo says that one of the reasons behind the delay is that they have diverted smartphone development resources to Super Mario Run for Android. Animal Crossing on mobile platforms will be released during the next fiscal year which is anytime between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

“We will also follow last December’s release of Super Mario Run for iOS with an Android version in March. To accommodate the releases and operation of these applications, we have revised the release schedule for Animal Crossing, which we had originally planned to release during this period. This title will be released during the next fiscal year”


12 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Mobile Game Delayed”

        1. you’re forgetting the N64 before GC version, but other than that, even if you count the years in between titles, there should have been on last year or so for WiiU, but we did get a pretty big update for the 3DS version, the pattern has changed.

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