Super Mario Run Downloaded 78 Million Times And More Than 5% Paid To Unlock

Nintendo has confirmed today that the immensely fun Super Mario Run has been downloaded an incredible 78 million times on iOS devices since it launched. However, only 5 percent of consumers that downloaded the game have coughed up for the full version of the 2D platformer. Super Mario Run will be given a new lease of life as it is coming to Android in March.


  1. Well.. roughly 4 million isn’t bad at all. I do still find it funny that people will complain about the $10 cost to unlock, but have no problem spending more than than on microtransactions in other games on their phone.

    1. “but have no problem spending more than than on microtransactions in other games on their phone.”

      you do realize that most gamers dont pay micro transactions. I never have gotten any of them so whats your argument torwd me

  2. Pokemon Go brings that much in a DAY… and dwarfs Super Mario Run revenue.

    Nintendo though SMR would be just as successful.. LMAO. Oh Nintendo. You know nothing John Snow.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Isn’t it spelled Jon, though? *looks it up* Yep. No h in Jon Snow.

  3. That’s why cellphone games don’t sell unless you have one gem! I’m sorry but those Nintendo execs need to understand they will not get the same money from a console game on mobiles. =/

  4. If I am an android fan and like mobile gaming. I wouldn’t pay for it
    As I would feel like a 2nd class customer. That reminds me how come super Mario run didn’t perform as well as the analysts predicted not
    From memory it should have hit 600M by now

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