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Nintendo Increasing Nintendo Switch Production Due To Healthy Pre-orders

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has told Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki that the company is increasing Nintendo Switch production. Kimishima says that pre-orders for Nintendo’s next console are very good so far so it is logical to ramp up production of the system. The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd worldwide.


  1. I’m calling it, Switch will be GameCube level successful. Maybe after Nintendo Land, more mobile titles and Nintendo movies, the next console after Switch will be a hit on Wii’s scale.

    1. GameCube’s total units sold was 22M. The Playstation 2 sold 155M with Xbox totaling 24M. Gamecube took 11% of that generation’s market share.

      The Playstation 4 has sold 48M to date and I’d guess hits 85M (optimistic) by end of life cycle. Xbox One is @24M and will be lucky to hit 35M prior to Scorpio.

      If by ‘level successful’ you mean by percentage market. Then the Switch would sell 12M units…but given the ‘mid-cycle’ launch of the Switch relative to the other consoles I’d give it and additional 50% sales. Totaling 18M units.

      If you meant that Gamecube units = Switch units, then 22M would give Nintendo a larger marketshare than Gamecube.

      Interestingly, when looking up these numbers, Console sales have been steadily declining since 2008 (Google “Global unit sales of current generation video game consoles from 2008 to 2016”). Given the low unemployment rate and economic recovery, I’m wondering if most people are ready for a new console. If so, I can see why Nintendo is rushing this thing.

      1. Where do you get 48 million from? Waaaay off. It was Officially at 53.4 million as of the beginning of January. Probably at least at 54 million now. This is easily verifiable, so I won’t post any links. Also, thanks for making me log-in to my facebook account for the 1st time in 18 months.

    2. I say it will swell at least 35 million or more if the right kind of software is present on the Switch. I doubt it will surpass PS4 level.

    3. Nope, it will be more successful. It can go far over 21 millions console. 30 millions easily. At the end it will depend from games, they are on the right track.
      And I hope there will be a Switch 2 because this console it’s just perfect, they can just update the chipset and go ahead.
      Hope they do not make any false step for the next console like with the U.

      1. I also disagree that the Nintendo Switch would only be as successful as the Nintendo Game Cube.

        I believe that the NINTENDO Switch is going to be a real game changer not only for Nintendo, but for the whole gaming industry as a whole.

        If Nintendo plays it’s cards right, it could sell more than anybody is expecting (just think of the iPad for Apple & think of the cheap DVD player feature of the PS2 for Sony).

        Because even though it technically blurs the difference between “console” and “portable gaming device” for Nintendo’s traditional game devices, the good thing is that they finally realize that they’ve got to really “EVOLVE” or else, they will fail eventually.

        At first, one might think that blurring the lines between “console” and “portable gaming device” might perhaps “cannibalize” Nintendo’s overall sales or bottom line, since it’s customers may just buy one Nintendo Switch only.

        But once it’s customers realize and experience the gaming possibilities of the Nintendo Switch, I’m sure that it won’t take long for them to be convinced into wanting to buy their own Nintendo Switch for themselves so they could bring it with them all the time (and play with it everyday) rather than wait until they come home instead.

        Although I believe that the games are definitely going to be a big factor, that’s why the support and release of 3rd party games would definitely play a big factor to it’s success, or not.

        Personally, I’m also waiting and holding off until.. (if and when) the NBA 2k series would be released on the Nintendo Switch. Because for me, other than the expected 1st party games from Nintendo, the NBA 2k series is really the “killer app” for me (since I was also holding off my purchase of the PS Vita also.. until NBA 2k would be released.. but sadly it never happened).

        1. Sure it can sell even fifty millions if they market it well. Need good marketing and plenty of games but I’m optimistic on it.
          Graphics is good enough, it’s far better than PS3 that is still looking good.

  2. I am waiting for a Metroid release it boggles my mind there was no release for the Wii U. So again I will wait if there is no release of Metroid or not even a snippet of info I will be on a holding pattern to purchase the system anytime soon if ever.

    1. after the last metroid i’m glad they didn’t , I wouldn’t mind playing metroid prime style games for the next 20 years , but this is nintendo so they think they have to innovate everything. They killed of Star fox and F-Zero cause they don’t think they can add anything new to it. Yet it took them ages to make a Zelda game like breath of the wild , wich skyward sword should have been already since we already had games like skyrim and witcher 2 back than

      1. They didn’t kill off F-Zero. They wanted Fast Racing Neo to be a new one, but the producers felt that would be too much pressure to handle one of their main franchises.

    1. Pure speculation and probably not true, but they could add the same quality of emulation in the Switch, plus a bundle with the same 30 games. Then people who bought the NES classic might feel a little fooled if they are also getting the Switch. But that would call for NES style controllers for the Switch and that would confuse people, so… probably not. Maybe one of the 3rd parties got cold feet due to the hacking possibilities…?

  3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    The question is by how much are they increasing it? Guess we’ll find out by March 3rd.

  4. I am not sure how to take this new, to be honest.

    I know we are living in a difficult economy situation but producing 5 millions units before the launch of the systems would be the minimal target. I really don’t get Nintendo at all, cause you can easily guess-estimate how you will distribute the system WORLDWIDE.

    – 1 millions Nippon
    – 2 Millions US
    – 1.7 Million EU
    – 0.3 Million rest of the world

    Once Nintendo hit that target, they would start a manufacturing target of 100K per month once the system has been released.

    I have the feeling that Nintendo do not believe in themselves and expect failure.

  5. I think it will flop. It may sell better than the wii u but only because the wii name is gone so it won’t be so confusing. No one asked for a portable console with motion controls in the west. Portable gaming is big in japan but the rest of the world not so much. Then again if it does flop they can take the dock out and call it a handheld which I think is their plan. I don’t call this a console. Nintendo just want console fans buying their handheld and I’m not falling for it. Paid online already killed it for me.

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