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Famitsu Reveals New Details On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Characters

Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild is only a few weeks away and popular Japanese publication, Famitsu, have got their hands on some new info relating to some of the games’ characters and NPC’s. Although some of the points have been spoken about before, they do well to explain some more interesting, unfamiliar points:

  • Zelda is the princess of the destroyed Hyrule kingdom. She goes to investigate ancient ruins scattered around the world. Famitsu says she’s a wise and curious girl, but also has a deep complexity.
  • In one image, Zelda is shown raising her right hand to shoot light at a Guardian. This time, Zelda wears clothing that may let her take the most active role she’s had in the series so far. Famitsu asks, will she also participate in battles?
  • Mifa is a Zora girl who lives in Hyrule. She has a special power that no other Zoras have, but perhaps due to that she’s somewhat introverted and doesn’t talk much. Famitsu wonders how she will use the spear she’s wielding.
  • Darkel (or literally Darukeru) is a Goron warrior who lives in the mountains of Hyrule. He’s normally calm, but when entering battles, he changes into a very brave warrior that screams loudly while sweeping away enemies.
  • Finally, Reebal is a member of the bird-like Rito tribe which lives in the skies of Hyrule. He is spotted wearing the same blue scarf as Darkel and Mifa, and each of them also wield different weapons.

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    1. It can’t be Windwaker. There are no Zoras in Windwaker. In that timeline, the Zora evolved into very different looking Rito people. Also, there is no Hyrule anymore in that timeline either. That’s the only timeline that this game cannot take place in.

  1. I’m calling it right now, You can recruit these characters to help Link jump Ganon! They’re called “the Hyrule Gang” lol:D Seriously though you will probably be capable of going through the game recruiting these NPCs as travel companions with their own special unique set of skills. Unlike OoT where they were just sages who sacrificed themselves this time these sages will actually venture along Link similar to the Wolf Link. I wonder if it’s possible to travel along with multiple companions at once?

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