Fans of the Metroid series will be quick to mention that it would appear Nintendo are ignoring the beloved franchise. In light of this, a group a three have taken it upon themselves to create a prequel to Metroid showing gamers what happens before Samus Aran’s ‘Zero Mission’. The small group behind the game state that: “Rogue Dawn surrounds the events that led up to the theft of the capsule which ultimately placed the Metroid’s under the control of Ridley and the Mother Brain.”

Rogue Dawn isn’t a stand-alone download but it’s a ROM hack. You must load it onto a Metroid ROM. It is a potentially a complicated process however. It’s also worth noting that when Nintendo gets wind of the project it’s almost certain that they’ll issue a Cease and Desist order (which has happened many times before with other fan pojects).

You can check out a video of their ambitious project below:




  1. Actually as a ROM hack and not a standalone ROM, this should be safe from a Nintendo C&D. It’s been up for a couple weeks now and, yes, despite the first couple humorous comments here, it’s definitely still available for download.


      • Yeah, but Prism was distributed as a pre-patched complete ROM. This is only being distributed as a patch that you have to apply yourself. Countless hack patches have been up for years and Nintendo doesn’t bother until you put a playable game out there.


          • I guess it’s hard to check now that it’s down, but when it was reported on by this site, I clicked the link they provided and downloaded it as a patched ROM. No work required on my end to patch. Maybe they started with the IPS file and then got a bunch of requests from people who didn’t know what to do with it so they started offering the ROM?


      • I dunno about the prepatched ROM, but the patch itself contains many gen 3 and up Pokemon which are trademarked.
        Not to mention Solgaleo is the Sunne Pokemon, Lunala is the Moone Pokemon and Necrozma is the Prism Pokemon (which should be obvious where I’m going with this).


        • But that’s the thing… those AREN’T contained in the patch. Just the ROM itself. So long as the hack is distributed as an IPS patch (and the original ROM is found elsewhere), there isn’t any copyrighted content being distributed. The patch only contains instructions for the patch utility to modify the ROM. It’s no longer a blatant distribution of copyrighted material, but rather a derivative work.

          Clearly, it can still be targeted, but it’s MUCH less common.


    • ^This kinda thing makes me want an NES classic… finish filling it with NES games that are in my top-shelf list:

      Empire Strikes Back
      Indian Jones Last Crusade
      Gangus Khan
      … I might be missing a couple, but I love to break those out and play, they would totally be on my NES Classic.


  2. If you think it’s gone, it never will be. At least one or two people (who aren’t the modest creators, after being DMCA-scared) will distribute it on the internet in secrecy. It will just take awhile, plus a massive amount of searching.

    But yeah, it helps to download these things EARLY, even if you’re not immediately interested.


  3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

    So in a way, you need to actually own the original NES game in order to even use this? I would think that’d keep it safe but Nintendo & all that.


    • nope. even owning a game doesn’t give you the right to a rom (or the use of licensed characters), not that i care or anything. roms are infringement straight up, though the enforcement is extremely lax. i’m all for fan projects though, mostly because they make idiots like quadraxis so mad.


  4. You know what they say… once it’s on the internet, it stays there forever.

    Nintendo needs to embrace fan projects. It’s a reason why so many are being distant towards a company that yes, wishes to protect their intellectual property, but is still stuck in the past.


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