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Shin’en Discuss FAST RMX And What They Have Achieved On Nintendo Switch

There’s plenty of neat independent titles coming to the Nintendo Switch and one of these is FAST RMX by technical wizards Shin’en. Game Reactor managed to catch up with CEO Manfred Linzer who revealed that the game runs at a blazing 60fps and 1080p even while playing with 4 players in the game’s multiplayer mode. The game also supports the Nintendo Switch’s unique HD Rumble feature which should add more immersion.

  • Almost doubles the content in FAST Racing Neo
  • Added a lot of new visual effects
  • Many general improvements
  • Rebuilt from the ground up
  • Customize controls, event in multiplayer
  • 1080p, 60 fps when docked, even when in 4-player multiplayer
  • 8-player online and local multiplayer
  • All control option supported
  • All players need a copy of the game for local multiplayer
  • HD Rumble supported, feel the position of which another racer hit you or you hit something
  • No specific plans for DLC right now

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17 thoughts on “Shin’en Discuss FAST RMX And What They Have Achieved On Nintendo Switch”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||The Shin’en Tribe must be upgraded into a protectorate of The First Order at once for their great contributions…||

  2. HD rumble to know where someone hits you sounds like something minor but it could be super useful for a variety of games, better reaction time and such.

  3. Even though I have FRN and its DLC on Wii U, I will gladly get this new FAST Racing- these devs have proven their worth.

    Is this a launch title? I may have to add this to my launch collection alongside BotW, Bomberman, and Ultra Street Fighter II.

  4. Well guys, this is an ‘ok’ game… but if this does mean that we will not receive an F-Zero even on the Switch I’m gonna cry…
    This pales in comparison to an F-Zero. It’s ‘ok’, but I would like the ‘top’ on Switch.
    Should I put my heart on rest Nintendo? Or are you gonna surprising me?
    Should we start a petition?

    Here it is:

  5. “1080p, 60 fps when docked, even when in 4-player multiplayer”

    “All players need a copy of the game for local multiplayer.”

    Well yea, it better be 1080p in multiplayer if everyone needs their own system.

        1. the second part refers to when people are playing multiplayer on multiple switch device. for example, if you have 8 people in a room playing the game in multiplayer handheld mode, then they all need a copy of the game. the reason they specify this is because the switch supports download play like the DS and 3DS where for some games like Mario Kart 7 you only need 1 copy of the game for local multiplayer.

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