Nintendo Switch

Here’s Hideo Kojima Playing 1-2 Switch

Respected video game developer Hideo Kojima recently took some time out to play the amusing 1-2 Switch on Nintendo’s upcoming Switch platform. He was joined by none other than Gregg Miller from Kinda Funny Video games who joined Mr. Kojima for a showdown in Australia. Your guess is as good as mine with regards to who won.



  1. Is this what it’s come to Mr Kojima?
    Wandering around Australia playing 1, 2 SWITCH? Then getting drunk at a bar on karaoke night while befriending a kangaroo in boxing gloves where you both sing a duet of “Mama said KNOCK YOU OUT!”?


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  2. I wonder if he’ll ever make a game for the Switch. He did want Snake in Brawl himself and I think he wanted MGS3 on the 3DS. Can’t be Death Stranding though since it’s a payed Sony exclusive.


    1. Yes and death stranding is his first game it might be coming to the switch as he was wearing the shirt while he was at the event so he might bring death stranding to the switch as he was having fun in the video.
      Please kojima release death stranding to the switch!


  3. I would personally love to see Hideo Kojima’s take on a Metroid, Advance Wars, Battalion Wars, or Star Fox. I think he would make for an interesting director on any of those projects.


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