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IGN: Holding A Nintendo Switch Feels Great In Your Hands

The folks at IGN recently went hands-on with Nintendo Switch and had some really good things to say about it. You can check out the video below to hear them praise how the console feels and how “stunning” The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks running on it. Nintendo Switch and the upcoming Zelda game are set to launch on March 3. Both of them will be featured during Nintendo’s first-ever Super Bowl ad later today, February 5.



  1. Brian and Scott are a great pair on this show. I was skeptical when Up @ Noon was reworked after Greg departed, but these two really made it their own.

  2. Ever since I first bought the original Wii, I don’t think I ever put the straps around my wrists. And I never dropped (or threw) the remotes. I don’t think that anyone who gets THAT careless when playing games has any business owning these consoles. You know, like those stories I read about kids throwing the Wii remotes through windows etc. Just seeing the picture on this post made me think of all this.

    OH, and I never used those silicon sleeves on my Wii remotes. They make it a pain in the butt to change the batteries.

    1. The wiimotes were also much heavier. I don’t think it’ll crack your TV if you’d throw a joycon against it.

    2. And if you hit someone, then only with your knuckles, not the joycon itself. Maybe we have to wear boxing gloves from now on.

    3. The rubber skins also make it difficult to sync. I also never wore the wrist strap. Originally the wii didnt come with them until Nintendo started getting sued by stupid fat americans everytime a wiimote slipped out if their potato chip greased hands and flew into their t.v.

  3. Just came home from the Switch Event here in Sweden. And I have to absolutely agree with this. It’s comfortable and it’s awesome. Zelda was breathtaking, Arms was really fun, 1-2 Switch was way more fun than I expected and Splatoon 2 was just as fun as the first one. Decided not to try Mario Kart, but I’ll probably buy it. Also a little sad I didn’t get to try Snipperclips, which I’m looking forward to quite a lot.

    Was already looking forward to it, now I’m even more stoked!

  4. I have a stupid question, do we know for certain if the wii remote or.the wii u gamepad are compatible with the switch ? Those joy con are too little for my hands hence the question…

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