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ARK: Survival Evolved Developer On Nintendo Switch Version – “No Current Plans, Will See How Switch Does At Launch”

A developer that worked on ARK: Survival Evolved has recently let slip about a Nintendo Switch version of the game. On a forum post they stated:

“We don’t have any current plans for the Nintendo Switch, though I will be closely watching how that console does in its launch.”

The popular dinosaur game is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC but if the dev’s comments are anything to go by, if the Nintendo Switch does well and boasts impressive sales at launch – we can perhaps expect a port to Nintendo’s new console soon after.

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      1. Would you pay for a demo that’s been a work in progress for over a year on PC and is still terribly buggy even though it’s spread to consoles in equally unfinished condition? Watch the video and tell me you’d drop good money on this as it is. One one hand, yes, the game needs people playing it for feedback purposes. On the other hand, come on… that’s what a QA team does for pay. You’re more or less paying them to be an unpaid game tester if you buy into the whole thing.

        Will this be good if/when it’s completed? Maybe. All I’ll say is I put two hours into this on PC just to see what was what (thanks to a friend who picked it up on Steam) and wasn’t thrilled. Screens that look great are one thing. In motion… this has issues all over the place.

    1. Exactly…I don’t even see WHY they are even talking about it! Then again, they released a PAID expansion for it…even if its still in early access (beta)

  1. I have a decently high-end gaming PC, and ARK was fun for the few weeks I played. But it definitely could use some work still and is far from being anything considered AAA.

    I feel like the developers aren’t in a place to say “I will be closely watching how that console does in its launch”
    like… you should be honored if you even had a chance to make it on Nintendo. Don’t act like they need to prove themselves to YOU.

    1. I agree, but that whole “watch closely” is what developers and publishers say when they dont want to say “if it makes us money, we’ll be there.”

  2. Yup just like everyone else has said the game looks fun but everybody that’s played it will say it runs like crap on consoles lol since the switch has less power then Xbox and PS It would probly be even worse on there.

  3. In other words: “We know Switch is gonna sell like hotcakes, but we are just taking a few months off before we start developing fully for this system”

  4. what ??? They don’t see that the Switch is sold out or what ? Do they live in the same world than me or its just me that I’m living in the super mario world lol

    1. Sold out at launch/launch window time frames doesn’t guarantee a long lifespan, gab. Also, it takes time to bring games over to a new system and yes, some devs and pubs are waiting to see sales numbers over time before committing to what amounts to redoing some games from scratch for the hardware. A good business strategy always has to come before “just bring it, it’ll sell!”

      That said, ARK is so wonky on everything else it runs on that I hope they do wait until they fix the other versions before even attempting a Switch one.

      1. Yeah, they wait for sales, release late half assed port for premium price and wonder why its not selling.
        But anyways I do not give a flying duck about this game on my PC, would not download it even if it was free, and Switch loses nothing of value here.

        Third party support is set to failure again. All thanks to late release Skyrim, that is proven seller in the past, and they will use that as a gauge of success.
        It will probably not sell a million copies, and third party publishers will shit their pants, rather than ask themselves, why it did not sell as well as it did 5 years and 1 year ago.
        Just as a reference, my local retailer is asking 30% more for Switch version of the game, than PS4/xbone version.

  5. My son and nephew play ark all the time and I don’t get it. It has a lot of issues. I’d be fine if it never comes to Switch in its current form. Once all the bugs are worked out I wouldn’t mind it coming.

  6. Uhh forgive me if I’m wrong but this game needs one hell of a beast rig. Even then it’s beyond laggy. Just see current steam reviews. I see no way even on the lowest setting in 720p this game runs on a Tegra.

  7. im indifferent if this game comes out or not on the switch, what i do care is xenoblade 2 coming to the states and it better as is why i am getting the console on launch because im a cheater and pre-ordered at walmart because im an employee.

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