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THQ Cancelled A Die Peripheral For The Nintendo Wii

While the Nintendo Wii was no stranger to gimmicky peripherals, it looks like THQ originally planned to release another. THQ Digital Warrington’s Project FUUB was a planned set of dice that would have worked with the Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Uncovered by Unseen64, THQ supposedly had two games planned for their accessory. While one was a simple Mario Party clone, the other was said to be aimed at ‘fans of the Harry Potter series’. However, both FUBB and the games were cancelled when THQ reevaluated its business and eventually closed in 2011. Check of Unseen64’s video for more information about the ill-fated peripheral.


12 thoughts on “THQ Cancelled A Die Peripheral For The Nintendo Wii”

      1. As of now, it still reads “THQ Cancelled A Die Peripheral For The Nintendo Wii”; it should be “dice” instead of “die”.

      1. No, the media have continously gotten the name wrong. It’s just Wii. Find me one Nintendo related products, website etc where they write Nintendo Wii. Just check the source that the Wikipedia article references. It’s simply Wii.

  1. I could see this being really cool if they made a table top rpg type game. Like maybe something in the Warhammer series.

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