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Fire Emblem Designer Records Himself Drawing New Character

Yusuke Kozaki was the character designer for both of the 3DS Fire Emblem games, creating the official artwork for fan favourite heroes like Lucina and Corrin. However, the famous manga artist has finally given fans a look into his design process. The Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel has released a video of Kozaki drawing one of the new characters from Fire Emblem Heroes. While not the official artwork for Sharena, it’s a really nice piece of art. Check out the video below.

17 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Designer Records Himself Drawing New Character”

      1. I didn’t excatly say it sucked (which it doesn’t in my opinion). I’ve played quite alot thanks to my MyNintendo-coins. I just didn’t fell in love with it, except from the art style for the most parts. Effie for examples is beautifully /brutifully drawn in that game :) But all that is just my opinion; even though I’m a passive aggressive motherfucker :)

        1. Props for being a good dude. I agree that the Effie artwork is stunning. It’s good to share opinions. Hope you’re excited for/have the Switch! I get mine in a couple months. 😊

          1. Got mine yesterday. Really like the handheld mode on it :) Tried a few games, but Zelda is probably the game I’ll spend most of my time on.
            Too bad you didn’t get yours :/ On the bright side you’ll probably have Sploon 2 and/or MK8D at that time :) You can always play Zelda on Wii U. I’ve heard it’s good there as well.

    1. I will always like the 3DS versions better, for their great stories and maps and additional gameplay mechanics, but I really dig the mobile version. Great on the go game. The art is very good!

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

          Now if they’d just give us The Binding Blade so I can play with Eliwood & Hector’s kids!

  1. Nice! Does anyone know what the tablet thing is or how could I get one? I do a lot of drawing and that would great

      1. Yeah? I almost got one. I decided against it because I needed a bit more muscle to run Adobe After Effects. Otherwise I’d have gone with a surface.

        Wouldn’t you agree the switch looks like a tablet PC (with the Joycons removed?) Or would you disagree. I personally thought it looked like a Surface-Mini. XD

          1. Haha, Yeah. I mean… it’s not too far fetched, except the reason I didn’t get a surface, is the reason consoles mimic desktop PCs instead of tablet PCs.

            Tablet PC tech HAS come a long, long way – but when it comes to rendering and graphics, you’re going to hit some walls using mobile hardware and reduced power to drive the processor.

            1. On the go I’m using my Surface Pro 4 to render movies. It isn’t as fast as my desktop (obviously) but damn it’s so cool :D I remeber back when desktop sucked at tasks as that!

              1. You have a pro 4? Well then. That’s a ~very~ nice piece of tech. I bet it could keep up with my laptop to be honest. The Surface 4 pro can keep up with the laptop I ended up getting, might even be faster depending on which build you got. You make me wish I’d had shelled out the extra cash to get one, but it was going to cost several hundred more than what I went with.

                I rendered two projects, and my mobile hardware was about half the speed of my desktop… but still, I rarely boot up my desktop and just let it render longer. XD

                So all this being said… yeah, I take back what I said about the switch being a surface-mini. :)

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