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Get Ready To Use Your Wii Zapper Again

Activision has confirmed that the forthcoming Men In Black: Alien Crisis will utilise the not-often-used Wii Zapper peripheral. Men in Black will be released on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 25th, which is precisely the same day when Men in Black 3 will be available to view in glorious 3D in cinemas.

25 thoughts on “Get Ready To Use Your Wii Zapper Again”

    1. Depends.

      If they take time to make the game then its good.

      Games that are released the same time as the movie usually fails.

      Golden eye 64 was a classic movie into game and was brilliant.

      Aliens: Colonial Marines is a movie into game, and it will be brilliant.

      Remember, games that have time taken and are not released the same time as the movie can work brilliantly.

        1. I might of not made it clear enough but the game is based on the movie and the game is a sequel to the movie.

          It’s based on the movie.

  1. Two words. FUCK. YES. I am a HUGE fan of Men in Black, and I still have the first two movies. I have a Wii, so I’m putting this on my list for sure! :D

  2. Also, I’m buying that ticket for the 3d view of MIB 3. it will be bad-ass, and now, IT’S BACK TO THE FUTURE! (jk, but it will involve time jumping. as in, literally, time JUMPING.)

  3. I can see a lot of games using thie zapper, seeing as the Upad can attach to it and act like a scope.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  4. What are you about not often used, I have about 30 games that use it, do some fucking esearch before posting such garbage.

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