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Miyamoto Thinks There’s Still A Lot To Explore Over The Next Ten Years In Gaming

In a recent interview with Time, Miyamato discussed a wide range of topics covering everything from the Switch to Virtual Reality.

One question Miyamoto was asked was if there was anything in particular that he would like to accomplish, in or out of gaming, over the next ten years. He responded that now Nintendo have gotten themselves into the mobile industry, and have also brought in a new concept with the Switch, it opens up new doors to all kinds of possibilities. He added that he still thinks there is a lot to explore, and he wants to lay down the standards for those possibilities over the next ten years.

As a company, we’ve carefully gotten ourselves involved in the mobile industry, and that’s something that I was personally involved in. Then with the Nintendo Switch, the idea of having a console that’s also a portable device, I think that opens up new doors to all kinds of possibilities. In the industry of fun, I think there’s still a lot we can still explore. I think what I want to accomplish is kind of laying down the standards for what those possibilities are going to be over the next 10 years.

Now that Nintendo is bringing the Switch to the table, allowing gamers to play on their home television, or take the Switch’s handheld tablet on the go, it will be interesting to see what innovative ideas the company follows up with in the future.



      1. Nintendo is different. PS4 and X1 are way to focused on “cooler grafics”. PC does that best. But can you take a PC with you anywhere? Can you play with one controller in each hand? Consoles are dying at the hands of mobile and PC. As long as Nintendo gives us a reason to buy their systems, Nintendo will thrive.

        1. Not everyone who plays AAA titles wants to build their own gaming PC. I’ve done it, it was fun, but it takes some know how, and it took me some time to afford the parts. For your mainstream gamer, consoles are still the best way to game. PC will eventually dominate the hardcore market, consoles the mainstream market, and tablets/smartphones the casual market. Nintendo, I guess, is trying to occupy a space between mobile and console–hence, a hybrid. It’s a good idea in theory, but I don’t know if it satisfies a real market demand. Ultimately, I think the games will determine its success–not in terms of whether the games are good or not, but in terms of whether they hit that balance between mainstream and casual that I think Nintendo is reaching for. Truthfully, I don’t think it’s the mainstream consumer that they alienate by making a weak system, but the devs, and hence, they lose the 3rd parties again. We will see though. I honestly don’t know at this point if the Switch will succeed or fail, or whether I will like it or not.

        2. Most people I know don’t even have a pc anymore cause they all use tablets or phones cause all they do with a pc is internet. I don’t have to take my ps4 anywhere cause its connected to a big ass tv and kickass sound system, why ruin the game on a small ass screen. Who needs one controller in each hand when a simple snes/playstation/xbox controller works just fine. Consoles are dying indeed but not at the hand of mobile or pc but cloud streaming. The future of gaming is streaming, graphics can be upgraded whenever they want to cause its there servers running things.

          Also to get back to your comment about taking your console outside, anything that runs windows 10 can play xbox games now. Thats tablets, phones, console, pc. The graphics get adjusted to your devices power. Microsoft got the entire infrastructure ready for cloud gaming, sony bought a giant server park aswell about 5 years ago. Nintendo is far behind on that part so far.

          1. Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to speak to a demographic of virgins. Get outside, get an actual life. Some of us have well paying jobs and a family to support. I have 5 hours of freetime daily, 2 of which are gaming.

      2. ||I’ve foreseen the end of something, but it’s not what you think…||

    1. I hope it’s this one beefed up, like with 5/10x more power. This one is perfect, I’m worried about a shift and a potential flop. They should concentrate on this technology that effectively WORKS.

  1. I’m still waiting for that Virtual Boy Wario game to be ported to the 3ds. Is this game lost forever?

    1. Unfortunately, it probably is. That’s too bad to because that game and Mario Clash would make great 3DS remakes. Makes me wish I’d grabbed a Virtual Boy when they were cheap.

  2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    *when you remember someone called the PS4 & Xbox One toys but not Nintendo consoles & then in comes Miyamoto talking about having fun with a Nintendo console in the industry of fun*

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