Nintendo Switch

Gamers Will Be Able To Rent Nintendo Switch Games From GameFly

If, for whatever reason, you would rather rent Nintendo Switch games, there is good news to share. GameFly has confirmed that a database of Nintendo Switch titles will be added to their website on Valentine’s Day, although an exact time wasn’t given. GameFly has been wanting to do this for a while now, but they had been waiting on permission from Nintendo first. They recently found out that, indeed, Nintendo is okay with it.

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  1. Good to hear. I asked them about that a couple of weeks ago and they said they didn’t get confirmation from Nintendo yet. Looks like they finally got confirmation. Time to reactivate my account.


  2. I could understand renting if your still in high school or maybe fresh out of high school and don’t have much income. But for anyone with a good job and income, I really can’t see why you would ever rent anything.. with the exception of direct TV movies.


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