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Tumbleseed Developer Talks About Importance Of HD Rumble On Nintendo Switch

In a recent interview Greg Wohlwend, the man behind the studio who is bringing their new title ‘Tumbleseed‘ to the Nintendo Switch, does nothing but praise Nintendo and talk positively about what they’re doing with their new console. In the extensive interview, Wohlwend shares his experience of working with Nintendo along with what he initially thought of the Switch.

What’s it been like working with Nintendo as an indie studio?

It’s been great. Nintendo of America feels like a true partner in this with us. We’re sharing in the excitement of the console launch together and that energy is contagious and positive.

You’ve mentioned that TumbleSeed could be seen as the “lead” title for showing off the potential of HD Rumble on the Switch. Can you explain how you’ll achieve this?

In TumbleSeed you’re always rolling and that’s pretty unique. “Roller” isn’t a genre… yet. So because you’re always rolling around, changing speed and direction we wanted to translate that directly to HD Rumble and give you an extra sense through the high fidelity vibration. It actually helps people sense where they are and what they’re doing in the game in a level of detail that’s meaningful far beyond “explosion” and “bigger explosion”. I’m no writer, so it’s hard to put down in words but you’ll just have to feel it for yourself.


It’s also worth noting that he isn’t discounting Switch-exclusive content for Tumbleseed.



  1. This game looks like it could be fun for casual play I will be supporting as many developers as possible when the switch finally releases so I can say I did my part at least lol

  2. “Level of detail that’s meaningful far beyond “explosion” and “bigger explosion”.” This sums up Nintendo vs. the rest for the past 10 years!

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