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Footage Of FIFA Switch May Not Represent The Final Game

The Switch version of FIFA 18 is still a mystery. While we do know the game will be custom built for the Nintendo console, we’ve yet to see any final footage. Japanese Switch commercials have been touting FIFA’s presence on the system, but are very specific that it is not the final version of the game. We’ll have to wait a bit longer before we actually get a proper look at the game, EA keeping us on our toes. Check out the commercial below.


10 thoughts on “Footage Of FIFA Switch May Not Represent The Final Game”

  1. Heres a question, since when do these dude bros that play sport games give a shit about graphics?

    I mean, they basically buy the same game for a whole generation with updated rosters. These characters are like an inch big on screen, so do they really care?

    Or is it just the trolls and fantards that are making a big deal out of this?

    1. You’d be surprised how much of a kick sports fans get when they see the shirt of their favourite team. If that shirt has more stitches and polygons than the last game, that’s enough for them. All jokes aside though, the graphical fidelity of the FIFA series has come a long way, it’s probably a main selling point each year. I was thrilled when my beloved Fratton Park was included in the game, and it looked legit.

      1. Hm, maybe its because im not a big fifa fan, but everytime I buy a soccer game they look the same. Im also not looking for graphical fidelity in then, so that might be it, but even my ps3 fifas look the same as my xbo game TO ME.

  2. I’m surprised at how these days this is “news”. The article that first showed the commercial yesterday had so many people complaining and saying crap that basically translated to them assuming that was the final build ready to launch game. Common sense would tell you that since FIFA launches later this year then obviously it’s not the final build of the game. But you know gamers/consumers have become zombie like followers with no common sense or knowledge about game development.

  3. This isn’t news. The footage from the trailer clearly cannot be FIFA 18 because it has yet to be officially announced on any platform; EA simply said that the Switch version would be FIFA 18, and custom-built (The latter of which could mean anything, but most likely to do with the control scheme for Joy-Cons).

    Also, given that even the Wii U was more powerful than the PS3/360, EA would gain nothing from using game engine of that generation. It would make more financial and commercial sense to tune-down the current engine.

  4. It’s about time Nintendo released a new console! It’s been a decade since the last one the wii. All they did last time was release a controller add on that boosted the wii’s graphics.

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