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Here’s The First Look At FIFA Running On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has released a series of Nintendo Switch commercials that showcase the upcoming console and some of the games in development for it. One of the latest promos contains the first look at Nintendo Switch version of FIFA, which has yet to be given a complete title and release date. You can catch a glimpse of how it runs in the video below. According to EA, the game will be the “most immersive, social, and authentic sports game ever created for Nintendo players.”


  1. U can’t really see it that well. Wt I really want to look at is the dragon quest footage. They had a couple screenshots comparing it to the ps4 version and sad to say but it was severely downgraded on that particular shot. No idea if that was the final build which I’m hoping it wasnt.

    1. I dont think that’s FIFA running on the switch

      They probably just made it look like it was running on it. kinda like what they did the original switch trailer

    2. Thats not what fifa will look like on the switch its not even finished when its finished it will look like an xbox one and ps4.

  2. Looks similar to the XB360/PS3 version of FIFA 17. Great, now EA can immediately drop support for the Switch and claim that gamers didn’t want the awesome product they released on the Nintendo machine (read: a port of a 360/PS3 game that hasn’t been meaningfully updated in the gameplay department since 2013).

    1. Thats not fifa 2018 which is the fifa game confirmed to come to the switch. Doesnt even look like an xbox 360 or ps3 version of fifa.

    2. I believe this actually IS from Fifa 17 on the PS3/360, just slapped on the Switch screen. They haven’t even released a proper trailer or anything else for Fifa 18 at this point, so I don’t think they show actual footage before an official announcement.

  3. it’s a portable Fifa game so the looks won’t be so important. I got a PS4 but still gotta say this looks good enough for a Fifa game that you can play at home as well as on the go and with friends wherever you are. If they really push advertising it further, ppl won’t care that much if it looks like a PS4 or upgraded PS3 game. Many games on the PS4 were nothing but enhanced PS3 games in first place and playing a Fifa game for the graphics is just nuts.
    It’s much more about what this game has to offer to make it stand out and if they manage to at least make the whole multiplayer-part accessible and make it playable on one device with 2 joycons plus lan-play, it might already have that natural advantage to make ppl just ignore what engine it’s running on.

    I understand that ppl would love to see a Fifa game that surprises everyone by how great it looks on the Switch but I also understand that after the WiiU disaster EA is very cautious about how much to invest into a new Nintendo console. And using a Fifa game with an engine that will work in any case and maybe add a bit on textures and stuff is obviously easier than taking a PS4 game’s engine and make it work on the Switch. And maybe many others will do so as well. And maybe it still won’t be such a problem because they all will be the only ones of their kind. I mean assuming that the whole TV-Switch-Mobility thing is going to be accepted among the masses, but I can totally imagine that. Just thinking about staying a few days at our house in the countryside and just keep playing the stuff I’m playing on my home TV is just so great.

  4. I ran across this video while watching some switch videos. (Positive videos I might add) Of course, there is much we don’t know. Nintendo shouldn’t be holding back info right now, two weeks before launch, unless they have something to hide.

    Soon we will all know everything.

    1. I wouldn’t take him seriously.
      He’s just disabled comments so that no one can point out that he’s crying over something stupid. He’s seriously a flip flopper when it comes to Nintendo’s stuff and he’d probably beat the Switch like he does with his wives.

      1. Huh! Well look at that. Although I will agree, there is much about the switch dock that people believe that is not true. On that point he has a … point.

        In the defense of the Misinformed Nintendo fan, it would be nice to know a few more details on how the switch, online and multi-player will work before launch. I think it’s shady business to hype and get pre-orders, while keeping us so in the dark on a few details.

      1. USB literally means, “Universal Serial Bus.” So I don’t see how it’s any kind of stretch to think a USB C cable could be used to connect the switch tablet to a TV outside the dock. There’s nothing obvious about it. We also know that the Tablet boosts it’s own power when it knows it’s connected to the Docks USB-C plug. He may be whiny about his point, but is totally valid.

  5. Fifa looks alright. They’re still working on it so it’ll hopefully look better.

    The Dragon Quest footage looks terrible though. I really hope they can fix that framerate.

  6. This is NOT the actual version of FIFA on the Nintendo Switch. And according to Electronic Arts, FIFA 18 is built from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch version and the visuals will be a whole lot better than what you saw in the Japanese commercial.

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