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Forma.8 Developer On Nintendo Switch: “We Can’t Wait To Work On Switch, It’s Such A Lovely Bit Of Kit!”

MixedBag, the developer who’s in charge of Forma.8 and its release on Wii U at the end of the month, shares their view on bringing future projects over to the Nintendo Switch in an interview with Nintendo Life. They also explain in detail about how their games’ expansive development panned out over the last few years and why they use the term ‘MetroidVania’ when describing the art style for the title.

Below is a couple of excerpts from the interview:

You’ve still brought the game to Wii U, which bucks the recent trend of projects migrating over to Switch and dropping the current system. What was the core motivation for seeing through the Wii U eShop release, and do you also hope to bring forma.8 to Switch in future?

We’ve promised a Wii U version of the game and there were no chances we wouldn’t deliver on that. Especially considering that we had the Wii U version up and running perfectly from 2015.

We can’t wait to work on Switch and we really hope to be able to port forma.8 and all our future projects on it. It’s such a lovely bit of kit!

You describe it as a ‘Metroidvania’; though the term is very familiar, can you explain how that style is applied to forma.8?

I know that right now if you say ‘Metroidvania’ you tend to think about a specific kind of game, with specific conventions: a 2D platformer with upgrades and exploration. I tend to not be so rigid and I think forma.8 is a peculiar take on the genre: yes the game is heavily focused on exploration and yes you get different power ups that let you further advance in the world. But at the same time it’s not a traditional platformer, since the main character can fly from the beginning, changing the gameplay a lot. Also, while there’s combat and action in forma.8, I think we’ve put a bit more focus on puzzles: it’s up to the player to come up to different solutions on how to progress in the game. For example: all in-game bosses require some sort of lateral thinking. There’s no ‘shoot until it dies’…

You can read the full interview with MixedBag right here.



  1. Another boring, plain looking 2D side scrolling Indie game. Exactly what the Switch needs and exactly what Nintendo needs. A system seller for sure.

  2. Well this is the only time I concur with Fred, these indies all looks the same and definitely aren’t engaging. They aren’t Nintendo’s quality platform like Yoshi’s but looks like ‘inertial’ platforms. I don’t know how people get interested in this. I understand that indies have very small team sizes but these games looks like demos of Amiga’s age. Those were doing fractals and these one very very simple games, but not that engaging. i liked Dust, but even that, far more complex than this, was very simple. I would bought that but even it doesn’t compare to Nintendo’s platforms and actions (Yoshi, Metroid, etc.). If i have to spend I’ll spend on Nintendo’s and similar quality.

    1. ||Why are you comparing tribal weaponry to our own to begin with?…||

      1. Because they are dangerously mixing in with Nintendo’s own making the console a joke. Look at last IGN trailer. What can a casual videogamer understand from that trailer? That’s a console for indies like a Ouya?
        When I see PS4 trailers I see normal games, not all these indies. Many are shovelware too, maybe this one it’s not, but certainly doesn’t show much quality.

        1. ||But the majority of these trailers concerning Indie Tribes are barely even shown to the masses outside the gaming world…||

          ||Zelda and Splatoon have been shown the most to the world so I don’t agree with your stance although I can understand it…||

          ||This also has to do with how much exposure each individual has had with these trailers which elevates certain thought processes…||

          1. Problem is that hardcore gamers do watch them, and can spread a bad nomea to the console for everyone else.
            Maybe I’m just overthinking.

            1. ||Well that’s why entities like me were created, to fight these diseases spreading false information…||

  3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Meh. Affordable Space Adventures is better.

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