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Take A Look At The Interactive Nintendo Switch Display At Best Buy

Yesterday we reported what the Nintendo Switch section will look like at GameStop and now another Reddit user has spotted a pretty cool looking Switch interactive display at their local Best Buy. According to ‘Phromik’, the display isn’t host to a demo unit but instead has a nifty touch screen to presumably browse a catalogue of titles and other Switch related products.

Take a look for yourself below:




  1. Im sorry, but the fact that they aren’t doing a playable demo seems really stupid to me. It seems like the only legit reason to have a passive demo is to keep the mystery and anticipation going, but with so many skeptics and the fact that they are doing this switch tour thing really contradicts their thinking on this. If you want people to get it in their hands, maybe set up some ACTUAL DEMOS

    1. And then people will steal it. Interactive demos are practically non-existent now thanks to dickwads. I used to love playstation demos, but then people started taking scissors in and cutting the controller cord to take it home with them.

      1. Thats just flat out wrong. I dont know where you live but the gamestops around me have xbox and ps demos, and some have had Wii U demos set up until recently. I dont know why you think your situation is normal but theft of the demo is not a common occurence.

      1. No, “they” did not say that. A rumor going around said there would be playable demos but Nintendo never confirmed or commented on it. They just announced they would be doing a 5 city tour.

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