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24 Developers Give Their Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch In Famitsu Survey

Popular Japanese gaming publication Famitsu recently surveyed 24 gaming companies on what they think about the soon-to-be-launched Nintendo Switch. The survey asks questions about the Nintendo Switch price point, if the developer is creating content, thoughts on the paid online service and more. Read below for some of the results:

How do you feel about the price?

67% – Just right.
25% – It’s cheap
4% – It’s expensive
4% – No response

What are your thoughts on the paid online service?

41%: – No problem with paid online
38% – Free would have been better
17% – Can’t say either way
4% – No response

What does the Switch need more of?

34% – A full lineup
34% – A system seller
8% – Promotion
20% – Other
4% – No response

The full translated survey can be read here.




  1. ||A system seller, yet when we do they complain about how our weapons dominate…||

  2. A system seller? Like a game? Cause the Switch has several of those in its first year, Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 DLX and Splatoon 2 are all mass appeal system selling games coming within the first 9months. And for me Xenoblade 2, ARMS, and FE Warriors are also System sellers or close. I think the Switch is doing pretty good for must have AAA system seller games.

    1. Really? Cause there was a Zelda, Mario, Mario kart(Same one actually) and a Splatoon on the Wii U.

      Nintendo needs new ips. These new games should have a deep story line and realistic graphics, not this cartoony shit they keep pumping out. They also need to stop showing 1-2 Switch as that is a sales and hype killer.

      If its not too late, they need to double the ram on this console. How they can cheap out on RAM is mind boggling.

      1. Buy a PlayStation. Nintendo clearly isn’t for you. But don’t make it seem like you know anything about how to direct Nintendo. Some of their choices are concerning but generally, they’re doing a great job with the Switch.

        1. I buy everything. Play everything. I will have a Switch on launch day, how about you?

          I know what Nintendo could do to increase the value of the Switch.

      2. The 3DS had those franchises too but was way more successful than the Wii U. The Wii U hardware was just unappealing or even confusing to the general public. Switch doesn’t seem like it’ll have that problem.

        1. 3DS also has 3D and 2 screens and is based on the DS that everyone loved. The Switch is a decent handheld but its based on a console nobody liked and it looks just like the Wii U. I dunno if it will sell that well. Do people really want another device to carry around with them? This isn’t as portable as the 3DS in terms of physical size.

            1. If that was you then I apologize for the next thing im about to say…

              I got to about 4.5 minutes, before I had to stop it. I just couldn’t listen to that guy(you) anymore. A rambling idiot that contradicts himself in the first couple of minutes.

              I’m not even sure why you wanted me to watch that video. Was it because of the size of the Switch comment? I dunno. From what I watched it seemed like a fanboy with another irrelevant video bringing up past systems to justify new ones. The Gameboy was a brand new concept and the size wouldn’t have mattered, it could have been the size of a laptop.

              1. He also uses more recent systems like the PSP and Vita, the first of those being quite successful despite its size and sold 80 million.

                1. I will admit that I am a little closed minded when it comes to handhelds. I hardly ever use them.When I go outside it’s to do outside things. Gaming outside on a nice day seems like sacrilege. I bought a 3DS and played link between worlds and that was basically it. It’s been sitting on the shelf since I finished that game pretty much. I dont know if the size is too big or not. I just know that I wouldn’t want to carry another device with me if im going for a stroll. I have a Phone, Ear bud, Wallet, Keys etc Pockets are already full. I would need a backpack to lug around with me to use the Switch and that just wont happen. Most of the time ill driving to where I need to go anyways and gaming while driving is probably bad for your health. They should have made a home console and then the Switch.

                  1. Some of the main things Nintendo has shown are people taking the Switch places where they likely would have a bag with them like school/college and on big trips (a point brought up in that video I posted) and is the most likely way you’ll see people taking it places. It’s rare that I see a 3DS out in the wild but that doesn’t take away it’s success. I see plenty of iPads though which are even bigger than a Switch so the point against its portability is just untrue (yet another point from the video).

                    1. The iPad and other tablets are productivity devices that people use to do a lot of reading and drawing and some even have keyboard screen protectors for note taking and writing. These all ask very different things from the design of a device and, as a tool, people are willing to spend more for them. Same applies to laptops. Someone could be doing photo or video editing on a laptop and of course gaming. Of course, they’re not as portable as a tablet and, for many of those things are best done at a table with a mouse and hooked up to the wall. In that sense, the Wii U is like laptop of gaming.

                      Also, one of the reasons you don’t see people with a 3DS as often is because they can fit them in their pocket when they aren’t use them while an iPad or Vita right next to them, or in their hand/under their arm.

                      When it comes to handhelds, alot of the ones Blunty mentioned weren’t as successful as Nintendo’s handhelds. Sure the first Gameboy was large but that was at a time when laptops were rare, cell phones were huge and very few people had them, and a point where nobody had a held game system like that. The only thing more portable was Tiger handhelds and Game and Watches.

                      The size of the device has been so important that there’s both a regular 3DS and 3DS XL for people to choose from depending on hand size, comfort, and pocket size. I personally know people who find the 3DS XL too large.

                      We cant act like a device the Switch is just as portable as precious systems.

                    2. Here’s the thing. When I mentioned iPads, I was talking about kids playing on them. I see it quite a bit.

                    1. ||A Security Commander Drone created by Nintendo to protect and defend Nintendo against hostiles, mainly Xbot diseases…||

  3. Very limited survey… “Other” in terms of what the Switch needs more of is probably power or battery life (both), but obviously a system like this has limitations.

  4. From all the things they could ask developers, they ask those stupid consumer questions! What about CPU and GPU performance, or HD rumble, or SDK, or Nintendo support, or the joycon/controls etc. THESE are the questions you ask developers!

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