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Video: I Am Setsuna Trailer

Nintendo UK has unleashed a brand new trailer for the upcoming JRPG for the Nintendo Switch, I am Setsuna. The old-skool style Japanese RPG will be available on the system at launch and while it may not be a brand new game it has picked up praise from critics. I am Setsuna is developed by Square Enix and The Tokyo RPG Factory and will release March 3rd.


  1. I personally think the game looks pretty good. The fact that it supposedly hearkens back to the glory days of jrpgs is very appealing, plus the ratings seem promising. If it’s even half as good as Chrono Trigger then it’ll be amazing.

  2. Since the news is too slow, here’s the North American accolades trailer of I Am Setsuna. This time, Square Enix is presenting the Nintendo Switch gameplay footage.

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