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Deluxe Breath Of The Wild Strategy Guide Not Releasing At Launch

While Piggyback’s Breath of the Wild strategy guide will be releasing alongside the game, the Deluxe Edition won’t be. Revealed on Twitter today, the third version of the guide will only be available at the end of March. This will certainly disappoint some fans, both versions of Zelda out for a month before the book releases. Will you purchasing a guide? Tell us below.


  1. They say playing games is a lazy hobby to begin with. If you need a strategy guide to play a game then you probably shouldn’t be playing games. You’re basically paying someone to play it for you. Doesn’t get much lazier then that.

    1. Some games are so big that you may miss something. If you use the guide page for page, I can agree, but if you feel you’re stuck or something and spend hours trying to figure something, I don’t see the harm in doing that. Plus just cause you have the guide doesn’t mean you’re good enough to accomplish the tasks. So no, nobody is playing for you either way. And if you’re admitting to being lazy, you can’t call someone else lazier as if they are worse than you. You’re both lazy by your logic. Just like someone being a little evil is still evil even if compared to someone really evil or something like that. I am interested in the guide for the art mainly and not so much the help it provides, I don’t use guides really, but I have checked gamefaqs for certain things. In my time as a gamer. Watching someone play a game on twitch, that’s something I don’t get instead of playing it yourself. That’s LITERALLY someone playing for you.

    2. That’s a stupid philosophy/belief. I have the guide for every Zelda game (except for A Link Between Worlds). And they never ruined my overall fun or experience. Who the heck wants to get stumped forever, and never know what to do in that stump? That’s what causes people to stop playing and move on to other games. If I didn’t have the books, I’d just look on YouTube. Same difference either way. I never understood people who believed the way you do.

  2. I’ve been looking for the deluxe edition, so this kinda explains why I’m having trouble tracking it down. I’d want it as a collectors item, or for a second run through only though 😊👍

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