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Final Fantasy XIV Could Eventually Come To The Nintendo Switch

Square Enix’s massive online multiplayer title Final Fantasy XIV could eventually make its way onto the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Naoki Yoshida, who is the producer behind the game, says that in order for it to come to the system cross platform play would need to be supported. Yoshida naturally wants the polished title on as many systems as possible. So mark this as under consideration at Square Enix.


25 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Could Eventually Come To The Nintendo Switch”

  1. OK I am all for this seeing as I never played XIV, however on the subject FF. Why not also consider bringing FF15 also? Much like Capcom back in the early days, they had supported Nintendo. I know now that they may have moved all of their main series FF games to PlayStation & Xbox. But, why not bring a new main series FF game to the Switch? FF15 is one their biggest successful main series games in a long time why not spread that love? Nintendo & Final Fantasy has gone away since the day of SNES. Albeit games like FFIII and a few others have made it to GBA, DS and 3DS not console. Also with Square bring most the Dragon Quest games to Nintendo on both 3DS and Switch again why not bring Final Fantasy on board to the Switch?

    1. FFXIV might requires less effort to port than XV since there’s already a version of FFXIV for the PS3. A lot of the same asset optimizations should translate over to the Switch very well.

    1. I don’t remember any game on Nintendo with cross platform. By crossplatform Yoshida means cross online servers, as you play with people of all platforms (xbox, PS and PC) at the same time always. If Nintendo just want a FFXIV with a ninty server mostly SE will not release it on switch.

  2. Yawn…good for anyone who wants it but I sure don’t, rather resi7.
    Maybe port revelations 2?
    P.N.03 sequel please lol

  3. I’d resubscribe if it were to come to the Switch. FFXIV is great, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into it, and this would be more than enough initiative.

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  6. yea it would be nice if sqare enix brought final fantasy games like 14 to switch as they are rpgs and would be a good fit as switch can be taken on the go.

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