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Here’s The User Icons You Can Use On Nintendo Switch

Twitter user MoldyClay64 has showcased the charming Nintendo icons you can use when setting up a user profile on the Nintendo Switch. You can check them all out in the image below and the only one missing is your Mii character. When you create a new user account on the system you can choose one of the various preset images or alternatively use your expertly crafted Mii. The Nintendo Switch launches worldwide on March 3rd.




      1. Lol yeah, its an optional thing you that PS and XBOX have. You can use the free ones, (your FB picture on PSN,) or you can buy them. Its not mandatory.

        1. ||I’ll try to make it mandatory just for you so we can force you to give us your money…||

        1. ||Let darkness consume you, it’s the only way, light is for the weak and cattle…||

  1. And of course that Other M trash had to be referenced.

    But it could have been worse like Federation Force shit.

      1. Ah yes, how DARE we criticize anything that we don’t like.

        Better than being a blind fanboy that thinks everything is perfect.

          1. Maybe it’s because of the fact they could have used better art like Metoird Prime?

            Come on, don’t be a fanboy.

  2. Do you guys think this is real or just an elaborate fake? I’m leaning towards fake. Where did MoldyClay even find out that these were the icons you can use?

    1. I need to amend my own comment, I never saw the video where hiphoptherobot was showing off the UI with the profile pictures.

  3. And of course there are NO Pokemon icons yet. The Pokemon International Company needs to stop being so bloody stingy with their characters for once. As if the Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Wooly World situations weren’t bad enough.

  4. I think I’ll stick to my Mii, and the one I made for my friend for the account I’m making in his honor.

    If that wasn’t an option, I’d probably pick Marie- Team Marie for life!

  5. I’m torn between the Screw Attack, Power Suit Samus or my Mii. I’ll probably go with my Mii and ‘switch’ it up once and a while, provided it’s not to complicated to change.
    Also, here’s hoping for added avatars in the future. What I’d like to see is avatars added with your games. For example, Arms avitars added when you have the game Arms in your system. It’ll never happen that way, but it would be nice.

      1. Psshh. “Man of Brisk” more like “Man of incorrect opinions” Callie will always be best squid sister!!!

          1. Callie’s gotta make a grand entrance once the game comes out. Her presence is too much for a little trailer. They have to wait for something more fitting for best girl to show up.

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    There was no competition. I used the Hyrule Royal Family Crest for my avy with a purple tinted background.

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