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Gallery: A Chinese Leaker Has Taken Apart A Nintendo Switch

A Chinese user has leaked the Nintendo Switch, but not from the outside. This time, a series of pictures have gone up that show the insides of the console. Most of the pictures were dedicated to a NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip that is located inside the leaked console. Further analysis of this chip from NeoGAF and Reddit seem to suggest that the Switch’s chip is a custom one specifically built by Nintendo, and the printed codes suggest that this chip ended production around July of 2016. There’s quite a few pictures, so we’ve included them all in a gallery down below.

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  1. Noticed that you have a picture of someone holding a completely different chip (Tegra X1) compared to the one that’s actually in the Switch.

    Also, remember when the Foxconn Leaker mentioned an L-Shaped Heat pipe? Yeah, he also said that the Switch is using a Pascal chip for the Product soooo yeah… Sounds like the Switch isn’t running Maxwell at all at this point.

  2. Hahaha. I told you guys it was basically a Shield Tablet running an Nvidia tegra chip. I don’t think Nvidia has a newer chip out. Their own Nvidia shield was just updated this year and has the same chip as before. Nvidia would have their newer chip in their newer tablet if it existed.

    Also, doesn’t the GPU scale back when off its dock to conserve power?

    Regardless I am going to wait and see how this goes. Because it is a commonly used chip, I bet games could be ran on other mobile phones, in fact they would be smart to allow ALL games to be downloadable in the Android stores as well. Just have the console with unique controllers. Essentially the Switch should just be sold as a fancy controller. My GPD XD has a 5″ touchscreen and costs $129, which is what the Switch is valued at. It should be marketed as a glorifed DS that can be docked… not a console that can be portable.

    1. I can’t take someone who has the word “player” in their name seriously…..that and you clearly know nothing about the Switch. But hey, run skyrim on a phone and let me know how it goes.

    2. That is literally the worst idea possible. Android phones are considerably weaker than the Switch or even the Wii U or even an Xbox 360. Every game would have to be scaled down so much, completely reworked to work on a phone, and would have to have a ton of work just to make it work with android software. Not to mention that you would be selling a 60$ game for an android phone price, so 20$ at the most, and people would still freak out about how that’s too expensive. Not to mention you have to make it work with at least most Android phones, so different OS’s, different amounts of GPU, CPU, and Ram. It would be a complete nightmare to do, and in the end all you would get is a stripped down game, with crappy phone controls, that hopefully works with the phone you have, that is making Nintendo lose millions of dollars. There’s less than no reason for them to do it.

    3. You must remember. This is a custom chip design noted by the NX designation on the chip itself. Not just an off-the-shelf “commonly used” chip
      Also, the Shield Tablet already runs a Tegra chip, but it is the old K1 variant.

      “My GPD XD has a 5″ touchscreen and costs $129”
      Oh, that’s a cool story bro. Switch doesn’t run on Android.

            1. Just out of curiosity, how old are you. I just wanna know, so we can all know what kind of person we’re dealing with. From what I’ve read from you, there seems to be no logic or rhyme or reason behind any of your arguments, and yet I’ve seen posts like yours before, and this one is pretty sad.

              I’m just trying to understand the science behind all of this. Just give me your age.

      1. He is holding is a Tegra chip, but I am unsure what one it is. I read he only showed a picture for size reference.

  3. Well yeah this chip will be heavily customized, basically you need to do an x-ray off it to even get the any sort of idea what might be inside it and even then there probably be a bunch of stuff we will never know.
    But yeah, there been a loot of talk about if it’s the X1 or X2 (it’s actually P1 for Pascal).
    But yeah if it’s based on Maxwell and it’s heavily customized it’s technically an X2.

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