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Devolver Digital Says Their First Switch Game Is Coming “Hopefully Later This Year”

Another day brings another game developer confirming their Switch plans. Devolver Digital has announced on Twitter that the team’s first Nintendo Switch game is on the way, and they say it should arrive hopefully later this year. Devolver Digital didn’t say what the game is, but fans may not have to wait long before they do. More news will be during GDC, which takes place next week. We’ve included their tweet down below, so feel free to check it out.



      1. They’re an amazing indie game publisher who published a lot of quality, awesome games such as Hotline Miami series, Broforce, Shadow Warrior series, Enter the Gungeon, etc!

        They’re a whole ton of good/great games they’ve published that you can see a list here:

        Ah they even published Hatoful Boyfriend too
        and other games I never knew were published by them!

        Still these guys are legit when it comes to supporting and publishing games
        and knowing them for years to come! Yup!

    1. did these guys make serious Sam??

      Another Serious Sam game would be epic! kind of Switch’s “DOOM.”

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  2. Hopefully they bring something with snes graphics. Maybe something in the 2D Side scrolling genre… *rubs hands together* Could happen…ya never know…*crosses fingers*

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  3. Mother Russia Bleeds, Shadow Warriors, BroForce, Enter the Gungeon, and the one we may never see on the Switch… EITR.
    These guys have some good games on their belt tho

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