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The Banner Saga Developer Will “Take A Look” At Bringing The Series To Nintendo Switch

Stoic, the studio behind The Banner Saga, has teased the possibility of potentially bringing the first three games in the series to Nintendo Switch. In response to a question regarding whether they would eventually be ported to the upcoming console, the developer said: “We’ll take a look at it for sure – but it’s a big unknown at this point.” The Banner Saga is a Viking-themed tactical role-playing series. Its first entry was originally released in 2014.

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    1. Nope heard great things about it tho. It’s always on sale on PlayStation really cheap tho so hopefully they can bring it to switch for a reasonable price

  1. It’s pretty cool to see that many ports of existing stuff coming to the Switch, as it’s still better than nothing, right? Still would be even more cool if devs would use those ressources for a bit more original or newer content. I understand that 6 months ago, it might’ve been too risky to include the switch into the supported platforms, but I believe for every publisher out there, it should’ve become quite clear already that it’s gonna sell quite good. At least for a while and supporting it might make that while last longer.

    Most of the time it’s cool to give ports the chance of being played on the Go with the Switch, but in this case, it’s also available on iOS, which of course is way more mobile.

  2. It’s a good game but it’s slow (both in story and gameplay) and stressful sometimes. Definitely Disgaea has a faster gameplay.
    I haven’t bought it’s sequel (for pennies), nor completed the first game. Though it’s a nice game, I admit it.

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