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Suda51 Wants Travis Touchdown In Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros can be used a measure of a character’s success, only the best earning a place in Sakurai’s elite roster. However, Suda51 feels that the protagonist of No More Heroes has earned a right to join the brawl. Travis Touchdown has been a popular character for nearly a decade now, making his debut in 2007’s No More Heroes. In an interview with IGN, Suda51 described his plan to pester Sakurai until Travis gets in. Do you think Travis Touchdown deserves a position in Smash? Tell us below.

“In all seriousness, next time he does decide to go and make a Smash Bros. game, I’m seriously going to tell him, ‘Put in Travis Touchdown. Come on, put him in the game.’ So every time we talk about this, partially in the middle he listens, he starts to laugh, and that laugh trails off into, ‘ha ha…’. This time Sakurai-san, I’m not going to let you go. You’re not getting away.”



    1. this is exactly how i feel every time i see one of your comments, cause i just assume youre a 13 yearold who thinks its really cool to pretend to be the “nintendo first order commander”. I bet you take fanboyism and “console wars” really seriously dont you?

      1. ||How wonderful, as soon as the latest toy gave up, a new one comes to take its place and says exactly the same thing, do you people come from the same cheap cloning facility?…||

              1. ||It took 3 seconds considering imbeciles use their names everywhere…||

          1. Gotta admit though. Quadraxis really adds diversity to the comment section.
            Nothing wrong with some comment RP, eh?

            1. ||It’s very amusing how these Xbots and yoing ignorant children can’t understand anything…||

              ||Lord Reggienator is a hyper advanced cyborg that has the same level of power in his eyes compared to my Annihilator Beam that deletes anything he fires at, so according to their flawed logic, he and the rest of High Command and our scientists must be mentally disabled too…||

      2. THANK YOU!
        Wow, this whole 13 year-old overlord of mighty Nintendo power bullcrap gets on my nerves so much, I’m glad to see others agree.

        I remember one time when he didn’t manage to do his whole italics thingy and the text was something like “/i/ I’m the super powerful Quadraxis thingy, kneel before my mighty virtual power in the comments section/i/”

        Quadraxis, I’m sure you’re mostly trolling, but this site is really positive most of the time (a bit too much, maybe), and your comments tend to be the only thing amiss here.

      3. Personally, I enjoy Quadraxis’s comments (as well as the other RPs here. Even the occasional troll). He can be funny. But If you don’t like the Commander’s comments you shouldn’t reply to them. It just feeds his persona. Don’t think you can make him leave by insulting him. That’s not how trolls work.

        1. ||I’m not a troll, whatever that is and besides, they are the ones turning this into My Commander News which of course drains their lives…||

  1. ||Kneel before Sir Sakurai and show us a picture as evidence of you kneeling before him to even consider anything as absurd as that…||

  2. Travis was in Killer 7 before No More Heroes. You are a horrible writer. I’ve been reading this doggerel for about a year now and the only reason I continue is because I make money by buying the pre-orders that this site announce.

    Do some research for once–being the first ain’t all that if you’re the first one to write BS.

  3. It’s too late Suda 51 you already whored him out to every other system, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him in smash tho…

  4. Since Sakurai is working on a different project, it depends if Nintendo and developer (and third party publisher) Bandai Namco were to add Travis T. in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

  5. I’m sorry, but smash bros should only be limited to legends within gaming history. Which is why bayonetta doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either. Travis touchdown does not fit the bill. Now I’m gonna contradict myself and say that I’m still a fan of obscure characters making the roster. However, there are a ton of potential candidates from gaming history that make the list way before Travis T does. If they start throwing in nobody’s then smash will lose its prestige and become PlayStation all stars.

      1. I said “should” I never said I agree with the current roster. Corrin is an example of what I’m talking about in terms of losing its prestige and becoming diluted. Smash is littered with fire emblem characters that are far too similar.

      2. He’s nothing more than a glorified advertisement at best like Roy.

        You can’t expect less from a director with massive Fire Emblem fetish.

          1. We will quit crying when Sakurai stops beating around the bush and give series like Metroid and Donkey Kong more reps.

  6. I lost all interest in Smash Bros. when Sakurai took the story out of the game. All it mostly is now is a boring multi-player snooze fest. No offense to anyone who loves it. And who the HECK is Travis Touchdown? *reads post further*
    Ah, No More Heroes. No wonder I have no clue who he is. (- _ -)

    1. ||Exactly, if some in here don’t even know who that nobody is, then it doens’t even deserve to be considered by Sir Sakurai…||

      1. Sounds like you just weren’t old enough to play the games when they first came out ;)

        The two No More Heroes games are masterpieces. And I’m not saying that easily, believe me. The gameplay sucks sometimes, the story makes no sense… But it’s an allegory of the whole of gaming industry, with clichés galore (to be able to better criticize them), gameplay elements from lots of various genres etc. It’s an artsy game once you look beyond the gore, one that is definitely worthy of being represented in Smash, be it as a character, a stage, or, more realistically, as a trophy.

        1. ||Such foolish boy, I was with Nintendo long before you were even born…||

        2. The whole theme with asking questions about what the point of many video game elements is, and even the point of video games at all, or typical dramaturgic clichés, was extremely well put together in the first game. To me, it’s the best Wii game ever. The sequel was a lot of fun too, even though it threw away much of what made the first NMH important.

  7. Travis should of been in smash instead of cloud, at least Travis was on Nintendo Wii cloud never been anywhere near it lol

  8. How about you GIVE us No More Heroes 3 first (as in actually showing off some gameplay) and then we can talk about Travis in Smash?

    Not sure if they’ll have to censor his iconic charging animations (aka bean katana masturbation).

      1. Tell that to Bayonetta, who’s niche as it gets yet Sakurai let her win over more deserving characters in the ballot.

        Or Corrin for that matter since nobody, not even the biggest Fire Emblem fanboys, wanted that Gary Sue shit.

        1. ||The difference is that even our nobodies are still ranked higher than non Nintendo nobodies property by default or even important ones unless they actually contributed to gaming history just like Pac-Man and Megaman…||

          ||The ones that do deserve to be in the next are Bomberman, someone from Castlevania and Mystical Ninja perhaps…||

            1. ||The Konamians had their greatest moments back in ancient and older times and they’ve had a significant impact compared to most new ones today…||

              1. This is Modern Konami we are talking about. The same ones that turned Bomberman into an anime ecchi pandering fest and made Castlevania: Erotic Violence.

                We didn’t get Snake back in Smash 4. So what makes you think they will actually redeem themselves with more than just Super Bomberman R?

                1. ||Modern Konami doesn’t erase the great contributions of the past, so even if they are almost totally worthless today, we can still honour their past…||

          1. Yes, let’s gloss over the other characters that fans wanted like K. Rool, Isaac, Snake, Shovel Knight, Krystal, Waluigi, Rayman, and so forth.

            But that find if you want to believe what you want.

  9. Meanwhile, Atlus is literally making no move on having anything Shin Megami Tensei related in Smash (and no, Tokyo Mirage Sessions doesn’t count). They’ve had so much history with Nintendo for years while Persona is still being home to PlayStation.

    You know you want to give us Jack Frost or even one of the protagonists (Nanashi or Flynn would be good). Just let the NSFW demons like Mara and friends stay out and they fit like a glove.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Or that penis monster. xD

  10. Kojima did do something similar to this. He begged Sakurai to put Snake in Melee, but was too late, so he was included in Brawl. (And now stupid Konami are being dicks and won’t allow Snake to return in Smash 4.)

  11. ” . . .only the best earning a place in Sakurai’s elite roster.”

    Corrin, Dark Pit, and Wii Fit Trainer say “hi” (WFT gets a pass though because she’s such an out-there pick that a whole new meaning of the word “deserving” gets created).

    1. ||Wii Fit Trainer was basically the Wii mascot so it was an obvious choice…||

  12. ||Kalas, I’m sure you will be very amused by the amount of hostiles against me and their unwarranted hatred and so called logic…||

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        What was that, you fucking knock off of another person!? And I, with my original name, get called pathetic? Hah! You got a mighty big ego there, bub.

        1. Sasori Obinna loves you and is happy you got rid of tokyo whore mind control..
          continue your work spreading hate..
          high priest king kalas.

          – Church of Sasori

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