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Little Inferno Developers Tease New Games

Tomorrow Corporation have always supported Nintendo consoles, Little Inferno arriving on the Wii U at launch. This seems to be a trend that is continuing, the developer teasing two new games in an interview with Nintendo Everything. While they never actually say these games are for a Nintendo platform, it seems likely as the rest of the interview revolved around the Switch. According to the developer, these games are bigger than anything they’ve produced before. What would you like to see from the company? Tell us below.

NE: We’re dying to hear about what Tomorrow Corporation has in store for its next project. Is there any sort of tease you can share with us?

Kyle: We’re currently working on 2 new games! One of them is the biggest game we’ve ever made.



  1. Maybe this time you’ll be able to burn down entire cities. Perhaps it’ll steadily grow, Katamari-style, beginning with little flowers in a meadow and building your way up to burning down the whole world.

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