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Gallery: The Temperature Of Nintendo Switch During Play Thanks To Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Images

It may seem like an odd concept to many but one Nintendo fan decided to take a thermal imaging infrared camera to a hands-on event and capture just how hot the Nintendo Switch console gets. The event was held in Sweden and Imgur user throwmeawaywouldyoukindly kindly uploaded his findings to his page.

The general consensus and what should be taken away from the images is that the Switch doesn’t get hot with average temperatures hovering around the 21-25 celsiuis range . Not surprising as Nintendo expect players to hold the console in their hands.

Check out some of the images below or click here to see the whole gallery.



  1. Awesome new avatar!

    Don’t really know how hot that will get. But I don’t like my electronics to be warm… It seriously bothers me when my phone gets warm. But let’s hope it won’t be such a big issue. And I’ll probably also use it docked so yeah. Even if it gets too hot for my taste..

  2. Nice to know, then again every handheld I’ve ever had was relatively cool to the touch but I was sort of worried since every phone and tabled I’ve ever had had the ability to become a makeshift grill with so much heat.

  3. Do some research before posting this bullshit, or at least use your brain! This is nothing but a cheap smart phone app! You can even see the outlines of what is displayed on the screen, that wouldn’t be the case with a real IR camera, as different pixel colors have no impact on temperature! This is nothing but a cheap filter effect applied to a normal video!

    1. Well he’s using a cats60 phone with a flir camera that is marketed as a thermal imaging phone and is basically built around that. How good the phone is at its job is a whole other story but it’s not just an app

    2. That may be true, and maybe it is a fake, but just because you know how it could be fabricated, doesn’t mean the author was lazy.

      I think it looks odd also. a close look makes it strange, if not impossible to be true, but don’t go ape shit on the author, he didn’t make it and if it’s 100℅ fake, state your spice.

      I got nothin against you AT ALL, I just don’t like people jumping at MNN authors without a damned good excuse. :)

    3. An IR image would be very susceptible to how the console was held prior the pic. there is a lot that could skew the heat data. So it could be fake, or it could be taken at a time where it was handled just before the pic. regardless, I agree something isn’t right with the pic.

      But I think it’s rediculous to think it’s Darth Maul’s fault. :)

      1. Well it does appear to be an actual infrared camera but the results are a little strange. Obviously, the JoyCon shouldn’t consistently be the hottest part and I would kind of expect to see something indicative of the airflow in these images.

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