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Latest Pokémon Center Merchandise Receives Criticism On Twitter

Pokémon Center merchandise is known for its high quality, but the latest range is receiving some criticism from fans. Released alongside the Pokémon GO update, these Johto plushies appear strangely off model. The Totodile plush looks especially odd, the water starter receiving the most hate. Check out a few of the comments below.




  1. ||Useless labour, get rid off them and replace them with competent ones…||

    ||We cannot have complaining cattle…||

  2. Lmao!! These look like Pinterest projects, the ones where they are tagged #NailedIt, but look horrible. These are hilarious. x’D

  3. Is the site acting buggy for anybody else? I’m getting a Generic Error when trying to access the homepage, and a 404 error when trying to open some specific item’s pages.

    I JUST WANT THAT DERPY TOTODILE… and maybe some other plushies to get that free shipping….

  4. Usually I’d say just deal with it, but Pokemon Centers stuff is EXTRAORDINARILY expensive for just being plush toys. Id be upset if I paid like $15 for one of these things and it looked like those

  5. I’ve never really been fond of Pokemon Center’s plushies, but their stuff that I consider high quality is several hundred dollars. It’s like everything there is triple or quadruple the amount it should reasonably be.

  6. I have the plush Cyndaquil keychain one that I bought back when my mall used to have a physical Pokémon Center store. It’s very soft and made well.

    However, that Totodile doesn’t look as well made. Maybe it’s just its appearance that’s throwing me off, though. I think that they’re trying to make it look like the Secret Base Pokédoll in OR/AS.

  7. People are spoiled lol.i can only imagine the other stuff other countries are complaining about..

    But I do understand you should get your money’s worth..

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