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Switch’s Battery Only Uses 2% Charge In Eight Hours Of Sleep Mode

The Switch’s battery seems to be slightly better than everyone was thinking. According to Ars Technica’s preview, the console’s charge went from 100% to 98% after spending eight hours in sleep mode. This is certainly a good sign for those worrying about the system’s battery life. Rechargeable batteries are notorious for wearing down over time though, so take with a grain of salt. Check of Ars Technica’s full preview here.

Battery life so far conforms to Nintendo’s stated specs—I can get about three hours of portable Zelda play on a full battery charge, depending on the screen brightness. The included AC adapter seems to fill about 1 percent of the battery per minute (give or take) when the system is in sleep mode (that mode is very power conscious, incidentally—after eight hours in “sleep,” a fully charged battery had only drained to 98 percent).



      1. ||I know, I’m pointing out the cattle that never reads anything and starts making up claims which aren’t true…||

  1. So it would take around 16 days before the battery runs out from sleep mode after a full charge. It lasts longer than the PSVita in sleep mode, that’s for sure.

  2. Nothing unusual for sleep modes these days but nice to hear. I just hope it’s easy to activate and not such a pain in the ass like turning the WiiU’s Gamepadscreen off when you don’t need it.
    On an iPad I just open the cover and it wakes. It doesn’t have to be THAT convenient, but just as quick as possible.

  3. Omg that’s amazing . I know my Psvita lasts forever on sleep and I love that. New3ds will last me a day or two and I always lose my data cus of that unfortunately -_-

  4. Incidentally, a Wii U GamePad with a higher capacity battery installed will claim to have “100%” for the entire duration between full charge, and down to the tiny sliver which would make out the original battery’s 100%.

    If the Switch acts in a similar way one would probably be better off measuring how much is depleted from 99% over the course of eight hours. – To ensure all consumption is counted.

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