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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Will Auto-Sync Via USB Cable, Battery Will Last Up To 40 Hours

Gone are the days where you have to open up a menu on screen to then having to press a tiny red button on the controller to sync them with the console. The back of the packaging for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller shows that by plugging it into the Nintendo Switch console via USB, the controller will automatically sync. Pressing the sync button on the controller will also do the trick but it’s good to know that this isn’t the only option.

It’s also worth noting that the packaging also states that the lithium battery can last up to 40 hours off a single charge.

The screen below was grabbed from the GameXplain video that was very recently uploaded to YouTube.



74 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Will Auto-Sync Via USB Cable, Battery Will Last Up To 40 Hours”

  1. I don’t understand how Sony and Microsoft manage to get only 5-8 hours from their controllers when nintendo have proved you can get from 20 (joycons) all the way up to 80 hours (Wii U pro controller)

    1. The Wii U procontroller is amazing. I played 50-60 hours Hyrule Warriors during last year’s winter holiday on a single charge.

    2. Well, Nintendo’s Pro controllers are much more expensive, so I guess Sony and Microsoft just cut costs on that department… Also, dualshock has those useless features like that ridiculously annoying light in the front or the trackpad draining power I guess.

        1. What for? I mean I’m not a hardcore PS4 gamer, but haven’t played one game making use of that. I believe some earlier titles tended to use it somehow (LBP3 maybe?) but generally it’s nothing but a huge button for additional menus in games.

    3. My mates brand new ps4 he got like just over a year ago which I borrow for playing games, when the awful controller is fully charged it lasts like nearly 4 hours which is unforgivable lol

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  3. What was the trouble with syncing on Wii U? When you’re on a UI menu press the sync button on the console, then your controller. And by the time you got back to the couch your controller is connected… Smooth as fuck! Was surprised when my friends plugged in their controller into their PS4. Didn’t really seem that smooth because you need to find cables first etc…

    1. Um, 40hr rechargable battery life, hd rumble, advanced gyro controls, and nfc makes this controller WAY above industry standards, and its only 10$ more than a new PS4 or Xbone controller.

      1. }{ I never said PS4 or Xbone controller prices were acceptable… Just that Nintendo’s were particularly outrageous… I’m sitting comfortably with a Steam Controller that I got for $35 on sale… Also… what will your NFC reader get you? Amiibo haven’t been useful since smash… They are glorified on disc dlc… and seriously… Gyro is a tired mechanic, that isn’t very useful in the long run… It’s almost as bad as the VR fad that’s going around right now… but at least the gyro doesn’t cost half the price of my computer I suppose… }{

        1. Personally i love amiibos, also it works with other figures like Skylanders as well. Also I personally LOVE playing shooters with gyro controls, Splatoon controls perfectly with them and i just can’t go back to playing with dual sticks. I guess its just a matter of personal opinion but the Switch controller is my favorite of all the controllers at least features wise, and I’ve also heard its rediculously comfortable to hold, but I’ll have to see that for my self. For me i see value in all of these features and so the tiny bit of extra money its costs (seriously 10$ isn’t that much) is totally worth it for me.

          1. }{ Dual sticks and gyro will never top the tried and true mouse… Heck even steam controller track pads are better suited… and those I would admit are best used for other genres… The expense of the controllers as well as the paid online service will drive many, myself included, as far away from this console as possible… and amiibo really are just on disk dlc… The only game that gave them a unique/fun feature was smash… }{

            1. I’ve tried using a mouse before, gyro is way more natural. Your body naturally understands it because its the closest to what you do in real life. Also track pads suck, just period i hate them. Free online service outside of PC is a thing of the past, and even some PC games are starting to charge you. It costs money to keep up servers, this money has to be recorperaded somewhere and a paid subscription is the best way to do it. Plus its only about 1/3 of what the compitition is offering. I don’t think the Switch will have any problem selling. Will it be the second coming of console Christ? Probably not, but i don’t think it needs to be. It has a ton of things going for it, an amazing sleek design, unique functionality that’s extremely appealing, tons of high quality AAA must have first party games, bazillions of amazing indie titles, and a fair amoung of AAA 3rd party titles which I wouldn’t be surprised if the sales are there come E3 a ton more are announced, some of the most high tech controllers period in many ways, great graphics on the home console front with mind blowing graphics on the portable front, tons of hard core titles, as well as some for everyone, and some casual focused games as well, and i could go on but this is getting really long. Point is this thing has a ton of stuff for almost every type of gamer, while also focusing on its own type of gaming as well which is highly important. I think its all a matter of opinion, there’s no real hard facts here.

              1. I think you would have to make for example SPlatoon being an esports game and look how that turns out but I’m very, very confident when I say that Mouse & Keyboard will always be the most precise solution. And that’s just more important than ‘natural’. On the Wii, we had motion controls and it was fun, because it was natural. But was it precise? Not really. Ever since I played WWHD, I really have a hard time playing Skyward Sword again as it’s just so unprecise. And sure, Gyro in Splatoon is way more precise than that, but Mousecontrols still are king. Gyro might just be the best solution for home console gaming and I believe that’s absolutely OK. I mean, look at what you need to do to have a PC running and look at what a console, especially the Switch does offer. Both worlds are for completely different audiences and use cases. No real reason to argue which would be a master race. It’s just great that the Switch won’t force you to always use analogsticks, because of all options, they truly are the worst and most unprecise option there is.
                Plus with a Switch you still can say that it might be the best device to gain access to the biggest variety of control schemes through one single, accessible and reduced input.

                A mouse and a keyboard are absolutely great when it comes to first person games (I remember playing Dishonored on my PS3 and then playing it again on PC just to be able to play it in a less stealthy way, as this just wasn’t any fun with analog sticks) but do they let you play racing games? Jump & Runs? Of course not.
                Home consoles aren’t about delivering the best solutions. They are about delivering the most comfortable ones.

                1. For me personally gryo is easier to be more precise with, but i guess that’s all personal opinion. Some people say joysticks are the best, I don’t agree but that’s their opinion. Also Skyward Sword was impresise, i hope they make a switch hd remaster so we can have the joycons WAY better motion controls.

        2. So the Nintendo controller has more does more and has updated tech. But you want to complain the price is high.
          The switch pro controller cost is justified.

          1. Two of the most important features of a “Pro” controllers arsenal are missing. Doesn’t have analog triggers. Also, doesn’t have mic jacks. Price is too high.

      2. You’re right, but as analog trigers would be the only thing that would actually really impact gaming, I would’ve preferred that feature to be in there in exchange for some hours of battery life. I never had a problem with the PS4 pad’s battery life and I don’t think I would have had a problem with a Pro controller having ‘only’ 20-30 hours. But 4 digital shoulder buttons still keep that pad from being perfect.

        1. Analogue triggers are really only needed for racing sims, everything else works fine with digital triggers. Would have been nice tho, but its definitely not a deal breaker for me, or really even much of an issue period.

  4. what a blunder. that’s half the battery life than the Wii U pro controller.
    and double the fucking price
    literally dead on arrival

  5. In the US the Pro Controller is $70 and doesn’t come with a headphone jack which is now a standard in controllers. Battery sounds great but it’s far too expensive considering you can get a controller for PS4 or XB1 between $40 – $60

    1. The Switch pro controller also hasnt come out yet. Its new, if you want it cheaper, give time to age like the DS4 and XBO controller, then youll see it for cheaper.

      Tell you what, you definetly wont be making this argument when the Switch Pro Controller is $40 and the Dualshock 5 or the next XB controller comes out and its priced at $60-$80.

  6. This is pretty awesome for all it is capable of doing, 40 hours sounds great. And yes the Wii U’s pro controller lasted 80 hours, but lets not forget that the joycons can do pretty much what the other controllers could plus what the Gamepad could and more (when attached to the screen).
    I seriously don’t find the price all that high…

  7. 40 hours will be a nice change from the laughably weak battery in Ps4 controller. I don’t understand how the Switch’s Pro controller has a 40 hour batter, motion controls, hd rumble, and an nfc chip reader and only be $10 more than a Ps4/Xbox One controller. I feel like all three companies are overcharging for their controllers at this point, but it looks to me like you’re getting way more bang for your buck with the Switch Pro controller.

    1. To be fair, the PS4 controller has analog triggers and a touchpad. Might still not justify the pricetag, but still 2 features the Swict Pro Controller doesn’t offer.

  8. Not as much as Wii U Pro Controllers but still a really good battery life. Better than the competition for sure

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      1. It seems like Nintendo wanted everything be so self explanatory, that they thought they did not have to explain anything.

        The first reveal trailer was perfection, but everything after the presentation has been not so informative, leading to certain web sites to spread confusion.

    1. Nintendo won’t encourage anyone using their controllers on a PC. Sony and Microsoft are both also developing PC software and their audience might be more into using their pads on PCs as well. This isn’t the case with Nintendo and to keep things simple and save ressources, I guess they won’t do it.

      But didn’t know there was any 3rd party software to begin with, so if at least that’s an option, I’d be glad.

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