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EDGE Awards The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 10/10

The latest edition of respected UK video game magazine EDGE magazine contains the first review of the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. EDGE is renowned for being stringent with review scores so it comes as a pleasant surprise that the magazine has awarded The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a perfect 10/10. This will no doubt ramp up excitement for the game’s March 3rd release date.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [10] / both Wii U and Switch versions tested
  • Horizon Zero Dawn [9]
  • Nioh [9]
  • Sniper Elite 4 [7]
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera [8]
  • Aaero [7] / PC
  • Dexed [6] / PSVR
  • Dandy Dungeon [9] / iOS


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    1. I’ve just Watched Nintendo Voice Chat first impression on both, the Switch and Breath of the Wild. And I can’t believe José Otero was complaining about the Joy-Cons on the grip being too light and that lack of touchscreen options on BotW…

      1. Yeah, Jose really annoys me sometimes. He seems to go well out of his way to find things to complain about (even if it makes no sense) just for fear on not looking like a huge Nintendo fanboy.

  1. Has anyone read the review? Does it talk about differences between Switch and Wii U versions?

    I have the Wii U version on pre-order, and won’t bother with the Switch for a while… I want to make sure how much of the experience I will be missing out on :)

    1. How so? They are both very good scores.

      Plus I dont think anyone was expecting a 10 from Guerilla, they made nothing but mediocre games before HZD. So a 9 from them is actually a huge accomplishment.

      1. Not entirely true, I think. The Killzone series was relatively well received, especially Killzone 3. But I haven’t finished any of them myself, so I can’t share any significant opinion about those games. q:
        However, I definitely agree that the two scores are extremely good, looking forward to both games.

        1. The first Killzone game wasn’t well recieved at all. It was criticized heavily for its poor frame rates and its very awkward controls made it nearly unplayable. As far as I know only Killzone 2 was highly praised and Killzone 3 was just a good game but not great so I don’t know where you got the ” especially Killzone 3 ” from. Killzone: Shadow Fall was considered to be a very mediocre experience. Like DemiGOD said…..Guerilla Games are known for making mediocre games but they do surprise people on occasion with a hit game that comes out of nowhere

        2. Let me asked you this, why did you not finish the games? I did, but only because I forced myself to do it. I understand that they got highly praised, but as I told Simply, compared to games from the same genre that got the same scores, they pale in comparison.

          1. Never got around buying them, so I only played them at friends’. Makes your opinion more valid than mine, of course, as you’ve experienced them in full-length, unlike me. But yea, in the end, reviews are just that as well, subjective opinions, so it’s totally fine to disagree with them. A game being generally well-received doesn’t mean everyone has to enjoy it. q:

        1. Killzone – 70 on metacritic
          Killzone 2 – 91 on metacritic
          Killzone 3 – 84 on metacritic
          Killzone: Mercenary – 78 on metacritic
          Killzone: Shadow Fall – 73 on metacritic

          Only Killzone 2 recieved high acclaim while Killzone 3 was known for being just a good sequel…but of course with you being a Sony fanboy and all I’m not surprised that you will say such a thing

          1. Are you seriously trying to tell me that 7/10, 7.3/10, 7.8/10 and 8.4/10 are not good scores? LMAO. Even 7/10 is literally 3 points from being perfect, but I guess you’re one of those people who scale review points as 10 = perfect, 9 = good, 0 to 8 = terrible. Tells me a lot about you. But yea, you just proved the point I raised in my previous comment, so thanks for that.
            Also, very ironic of you to call someone a fanboy and look down on them. So very ironic. (:

            1. Tell me…..where in my comment did I say that a 7/10 or higher or even a 8.4/10 were bad scores? A 7/10 is decent yes but its not a great score as you are proclaiming. If you take the time to look at what I said in my comment I said Killzone 3 got a good score but it wasn’t a great game like how Simply G was portraying it but going back to the 7/10 score you know if that was Zelda getting that score you know you’d be one of the main people trying to criticize it saying the series isn’t that good anymore but the Killzone series gets a pass because it’s a Sony IP right? I remember when Splatoon got a 81 on metacritic how the haters were saying that it wasn’t a good game but suddenly when a game that’s appealing to them gets that same score or a few points higher now it’s acceptable to being a ” good ” game again. My point is Nintendo fans has pointed out a lot of good exclusive games for the Wii U having a lot of review scores in the 90s and 80s or 9s and 8s but for some apparent reason the scores in the 80s or the 8s weren’t acceptable to the haters as those games being good but when the coin is flipped on the other side the games that get those same scores that the haters like it’s all of a sudden acceptable….just funny to me

              1. You literally said Killzone 1 was “not well received at all”, and that it was “nearly unplayable”. Is that supposed to imply that it was still a good game?
                Killzone 3 sits at 8.4, less than 2 points away from a perfect score, and you call it “just a good sequel”. To me, that’s a great score indeed.
                That being said, your assumptions about me don’t hold any meaning. If a Zelda game got a 7/10, I’d think it’s slightly unfortunate, given the quality of most Zelda games and my personal affection towards the series, but in no way would I classify it as “not good”. Though I do wonder if you would call a Zelda game that gets a 7/10 “not well received” as well. But yea, for me personally, the meaning of a score on the scale of 1-10 doesn’t change according to the owner of the franchise that’s being rated, but I’m not quite sure if the same applies to you.
                Even much less of a shit do I give about what “haters” say and do. I did not say Splatoon’s score of 81 was bad, so why are telling me this? I did have my personal issues with the online functionality of Splatoon, but I always praised the game for its fantastic concept, and sure as hell never said anything along the lines of “lul it only got an 8, bad score” or something.
                Neither have I ever denied the fact there’s WiiU games with 9s and 8s or said those are unacceptable scores, so why exactly are you bringing any of this up in response to me? As I’ve said above, I really couldn’t care less about what haters do or say, it has no relevance to me. Though there’s something that’s a bit funny to me too – you kinda act in a similar way towards the Killzone franchise like you have described those haters, lmao.

              2. You act like I don’t own a Wii U or have a Switch pre-ordered and enjoy the great games on the Wii U or am looking forward to the great games slated for the Switch. I’m not a fanboy, I enjoy great games no matter where they are. I’m not one of the so-called haters that you are talking about and I wasn’t wrong about the two Killzone games on PS3, so I don’t know what you’re going on about. My original statement still stands and you proved it even moreso by posting the scores. lol

          2. “PS3” and “both” probably slipped your notice since you’re a Nintendo fanboy. I was strictly talking about Killzone 2 and 3 since those were the only ones that were on PS3 and you confirmed that they both received high acclaim by posting the scores there. lol *rolls eyes*

        2. Are you going to tell me that mechanically (the core of a shooter) they both stand next to the other 9’s and 10’s? Because we both know thats a lie. Im not saying these games are ass, but they pale in comparison (by a lot) to games of the same genre that recieved the same scores.

            1. I feel like I dont even know you anymore Simply 😂

              I guess its just me, but those games just had horrible controls for me. The worst recoil ive ever seen on a shooter, and a very boring story.

              Out of both of Sonys FPS franchises the one that was actually good with good mechanics and actual creativity that distingushed itself away from the cliché shooter was Resistance.

              But, I guess thats just me.

              1. Oh, I think Resistance was better overall (Resistance 3 being the best and most underrated) out of the two franchises too but they were different types of games.

                Killzone’s guns were purposely heavy though. Because of the success of games like CoD, they changed that up in KZ 3 to kind of fall in line with everyone else. *shrug*

  2. I’m still not interested in the new Zelda game. I’m more interested in the new Xenoblade Chronicles and RIME games but it’s good for the console regardless to start off strong and with a title I know most other people value so highly. It’ll be good to capture people’s interest in the console right away and as more games trickle out over the year it will make the console feel stronger.

  3. This is probably not deserved and specious.
    Even if I find the game intriguing a truer Edge would have given this game an 8 or 9 at most.
    It isn’t a revolution and it isn’t perfect. It should be a good game, maybe a very good one but an Edge 10… uhm.

    Anyway happy for the most Nintendo’s fans that will rejoyce about it and build even more hype.

    1. Not deserved based on what? Critics are saying they are really struggling to find any negatives and I’m seeing videos of people being really creative as to how they are approaching the game…
      So I’m wondering what gives you that impression.

      1. I said it. For an Edge 10 it should be ‘perfect’ or ‘revolutionary’. Perfect can’t be since graphics are just good. Under Wii U potential. And revolutionary… that can’t be, it does sound as a pretty normal RPG.
        So at the very most is a 9. Maybe they didn’t wanted to confuse it with the other games that already took a 9 (deserved or not).

        There was a time where taking a 5 or a 6 with Edge was ordinary. In one edition three 9 and one 10 isn’t that usual.

        Anyway it’s an opinion, not a fact. I’m curious about the explanation of that 10 by the reviewer.

        1. Could you please tell me the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow? You seem to be able to predict right and wrong review scores without playing a game so that’s a talent there you have.

        2. Bad English INC

          Game of the year on gamespot A Link Between Worlds and not The last of us the graphics doesn’t matter so wake up if you think graphics matter so much to deliver a very good game or Undertale won many other games
          The graphics are not hard to be made. Gameplay-controlls-story-sound-feelings must all be good connected and then the graphics coming to cover up.Also zelda is not RPG Also Opinions doesn’t matter also Edge doesn’t matter the only think that matters is Metacritic overall from reviews and Users average scores it the game is good is gonna be good there also if the game is bad is gonna be bad there also The Metacritic is the Cort for games no game can escape from the Judge of the Overall reviews + Users
          Like you said is a opinion everyone can have a opinion that doesn’t like zelda but no one can have a opinion for zelda been a bad game because this is “Imagination” and imagination-Fantasy is not a opinion and the reality is not follow the imagination

          1. That’s what I’m saying, Metacritic will show if this game will be a legend or just a good episode of the serie in the end.
            Undisputably Ocarina is a legend.
            It’s just my opinion but I’m not amazed as with Ocarina. I don’t see that magic from those previews.

        3. Ok putting aside if the graphics should have an impact on the rating unless they somehow impact the game in a notable way. Since its not out yet I can’t say for sure but it might actually qualify on revolutionary. Other games have done open worlds other Zelda games even, but BoTW from what I’ve seen in the videos so far is putting in a degree of interaction with the game world thats rarely seen beyond prescripted events or poorly done gimmicks, if its actually done well it could very well be a revolution for the sub-genre.

    2. How do you know how good the game is or what score it deserves if you’ve never played it? Nintendo has only showed a very small section of this game and you assume you know everything the games has to offer and can evaluate the entire game from that. Bro, get real.

      1. Because with Daggerfall, Ocarina, Mario 64 and Silent Hill 2 I said “wow”, now I’m saying “nice”.
        It’s nothing that worries me but a 10 comes unexpected.

    3. You basically just reviewed Horizon! The new Zelda, however deserves every single one of those 10 points!

      1. But I haven’t stated my opinions to gets +1, just to show my surprise about that ’10’. We are talking about artistic content, it should be obvious that they are just opinions.
        The judges of yesterday aren’t the judges of today, so the importance of every artistic content it’s all about opinions.

  4. @agato Maybe the explaination lies more in the conveyed emtions playing the game:

    EDGE writes:

    ” The result, for all the longevity of its series and the familiarity of the open world genre, is a game that evokes feelings we haven’t felt for 20 years. Not since Ocarina of Time have we set foot in a world that feels so mind-bogglingly vast and unerringly magical, that proves so relentlessly intriguing. Plenty of games promise to let us go anywhere and do anything. Few, if any, ever deliver so irresistibly. 19 years on Ocarina is still held up as the high water mark of gamings best loved and greatest series. Now it may have to settle for second place.”

    1. Emotions… that is surprising for Edge but it’s ok to me if that’s the new path. This though does mean that this is directly compared to Ocarina or Super Mario 64 that were the first perfect and the second revolutionary.
      I’m curious about how it will fare with all the reviews. Ocarina is 99% 9.1 at Metacritic, Super Mario 64 is 94% 9.2. I’m very curious about what will reach BotW in the end. I would be very surprised to find it at those levels.
      Though I’m ready to enjoy the perfect game if it is (and even the good one).

  5. I like how Zelda got a better score than Horizon! Sony fanboys who think their generic open world game is revolutionary and deserves GOTY can shut up now! I can already taste their salty tears. Delicious!

    1. Did you see the NVC about the Switch and Zelda? Jose was trying very hard to find faults and was very nitpicky. Also he foreshadowed a problem of some sorts or at least something negative with the game.
      If anything, IGN is doing it’s best to be pessimistic, while literally every other preview is pointing out how hard it is to find something not worth praising in BotW.

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I give it a 9. It’d be a full 10 but a character in the beginning of the game spoils stuff that should have been saved for emotional plot twists! Screw you, Old Man on the Great Plateau!

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