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Niantic Confirms Pokémon GO Has Been Downloaded 650 Million Times

Niantic, the developers behind Pokémon GO, have announced that the app has now reached 650 million downloads worldwide.

This news was announced during the 2017 Game Developer’s Conference, where Niantic’s chief of technology Phil Kelsin noted that trainers had walked approximately 8.7 billion kilometers (5.4 billion miles), which he described as a distance equivalent “just shy of Pluto.”

Kelsin promised that the team will continue to provide regular content updates for Pokémon GO in the future, this comes after the app was recently updated with 80 additional Pokemon which are now available to catch.



  1. 650 million might seem like a huge numbers…until you consider than maybe half of that number, like me only downloaded, played around with it for 10 minutes, thought “meh” and unintalled it

    1. And if half of that number spent on average $2 in the game, then that is a 650 million dollar gross.

      It’s a big number, thing was a huge success. Good for them

    2. There are some that stopped playing it, that’s true. What is also true is that for a while after the initial release, Pokemon GO was top grossing on both Apple and Android, and that with the most recent update, it went back to top grossing, at least on Apple. It’s a success whether or not you care to play it. I enjoy it, millions of other people enjoy it, and you don’t enjoy it, but that can’t stop Niantic, the Pokemon Company, and, to a lesser extent, Nintendo from raking in some big profits.

  2. But itll never reach 1 billion downloads 😒 said all the naysayers.

    Man, I cant wait untill it passes that 1Billion mark. It should make all those idiots eat their words.

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