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Super Bomberman R For Nintendo Switch Will Run At 30FPS, No Co-Op Story Mode Online And More

Online publication, Just Pause, recently retrieved some interesting information with regards to how Super Bomberman R will run on the Nintendo Switch. It was not long ago speculated that the title would run at 60fps however Konami themselves confirmed to Just Pause that it will in fact run at 30fps. Also mentioned was that the Co-Op Story mode will not be available online and will only be accessible through local play with fellow Switch owners. Some more info about the upcoming title is below:

  • Online will be for Battle Mode only
  • Online will utilise matchmaking through lobbies to play with friends and random players
  • Runs at the Switch’s full resolution in each mode

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        1. Yeah, but that’s probably the only story mode in a Bomberman game that’s worth a lick. He’s right, you play Bomberman for battle mode, and the trade-off was that Bomberman 64’s battle mode was a bit flat with slower gameplay and free-roaming, generic levels.

          1. Why can’t we have both lol. And I loved the battle mode in 64 haha. If we could have an awesome battle mode and an awesome single player, that would be the best way to go imo. Why even have a single player mode if you’re not gonna take the time to make it good? I loved getting the remote bombs and having to stack them up to make new paths, it really made you think. I think that would work well with 2 players, or at least be fun if they had a similar story mode that was co-op similar to 64 but made in a way that makes sense having more than one person. It can be done lol.

            1. Yup wish I could play another Bomberman like the 64 one. That game had some really good puzzles . Haven’t played since I was a kid tho so maybe it was just my childish mentality lol but either way it was really fun

              1. I played it again like a year or two ago on a 64 I got off ebay and although I only played a few times, it was fun still. I just didn’t want to get sucked into getting all the gold cards and unlocking all the suits cause I remember it being a pain in the ass to get the last few costumes and had to beat the game under 5 hours or something ridiculous. Also plugging in the 64 on my tv downstairs, the quality was really bad, and the wires don’t reach so I can’t sit back on the couch and play, my friends and I had to grab seats and move closer to the tv which was not very comfortable compared to couch playing lol.

            2. Don’t get me wrong, I still play it with friends as a drinking game, but 2D Bomberman reigns supreme, at least the best ones (’94, Saturn, Super 2). I’m hoping Super Bomberman R throws in a nice mix of 3D movement on the 2D plane, which it looked like they did in some gameplay footage I saw, and it DEFINITELY had fast gameplay. I also hope that this one has the best story mode; 50 levels is a ton but the puzzles and enemies have to be good lol. Regardless, the game looks beautiful and the bosses looked awesome. At the very least, I doubt 8-player battle mode will disappoint. I’ve got 6 Joy-Cons and 2 pro controllers between my roommate and I and a ton of friends coming over this weekend for 8-player lol.

              1. I’m so torn bewteen buying day 1 or waiting to see if anyone gets it for my birthday on the 18th lol. Sounds good from what you have said, I didn’t realize it had 8 players. Out of my 5 roomates 3 are getting switches so that’s a good amount of joy cons and I have a pro controller coming. House parties for days :p I had read someones comment on a different site saying they had started to lose interest in the game and I forget their reasons but it had me worried. You kind of put those worries to rest haha thanks. Two more days man.

    1. The article just says no co-op story mode online…. Not sure about the 60 vs 30 fps or why that makes a game something people wouldn’t want automatically.

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