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UK: The Sun Newspaper Describes Mini-Game In 1-2-Switch As “A lot Like A Sex Act Simulator”

You can always count on The Sun Newspaper to put a ludicrous or outrageous spin on pretty much anything that’s gaining positive press. In this case, the ‘Milk’ game in 1-2-Switch for Nintendo Switch got compared to as a sex act simulator. Below is their description of the mini game:

“You have to coax the milk out of the udder,” a source told The Sun Online.

“There were a lot of nervous chuckles and a certain amount of sexual innuendo when we played it.

“You have to sit opposite the other player and look each other in the eye whilst grabbing the remote and tenderly pulling it down.

“This cow milking game is a lot like a sex act simulator.”

This is from the same publication that warned, and in turn worried, a lot of adults about the implications of playing on the 3DS due to its damaging effects to your eyesight.

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  1. ||Well then, what are you cattle waiting for? You like these primitive rituals…||

    1. Agree… people now-a-days are thinking too much about their “fun spots”. I can give numerous examples.

  2. isnt tat kida the point and itsall just fun mini games,sun newspaper also had trouble with the kickstand i bet…..and dont understand the joycon and dont understand why the games dont have load times

  3. Oh lord.
    Next there’ll be complaints that turning a steering wheel in front of the kinect, looks like you are servicing 2 guys.
    Milking cows is such a normal thing. That is how it’s done. Grow up!

    1. City people and their stale, plastic lifestyles only get to experience nature in the confines of a zoo.

  4. That’s the British tabloid press for you.

    ‘Milk’ has got the most coverage about its apparently-sexually suggestive actions but it’s not necessarily the worst offender. The soda game could look a bit risquΓ© to an innocent bystander

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