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Nintendo Switch Demos Have No Play Limit

This is certainly a refreshing change from Nintendo’s previous consoles. According to Twitter’s VOOK64, the Switch’s eShop demos have no play limit. On both the Wii U and 3DS, demos could only be played a set number of times before deleting themselves. Will this make you more likely to download game demos? Tell us below.


  1. What a joke I didn’t even know this was a Issue with intendo consoles. Been playing demos as much as I wanted for 10 years since the ps3 I suppose.

    Atleast they changed allot of things for the better right now, just wayyyyyyyy to late if you ask me. It shouldn’t be to hard to stay modern with your console right.

  2. The limited demo use was never a problem for me. One or two plays is usually enough to tell if it is worth getting the full version. I don’t think I ever played to the limit on any demo, not even for the Pokemon ones.

    1. Me and my nephew used to buy FIFA every year, but we got bored of AI mistakes controlling the outcome of the game so we quit. When we watch Football together with friends we always play the demo since rescent years, since its pretty much the same just shorter games and less teams to choose from wich doesn’t really matter.

      Other than that I agree with you but why put a limit on a demo to begin with even if people only play it twice.

      1. You trying to beat the system. A demo is not for you to skip out on the game and just use. its to see if the game is good enough for you to buy.

  3. Not so fast. Removing the demo counter means that you don’t have full playthrough content anymore.

    Don’t expect downloading a demo and play it free feom beginning to ending credits.

    We live in a capitalist world, free (without a catch) does not exist.

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