Nintendo seems to be using the My Nintendo Rewards Programme to push the digital versions of their games. This is certainly a logical move, Nintendo earning more money from a digital copy of a game than the retail version. While the physical release of a game will still earn players some My Nintendo Gold Points, the eShop version will net far more. Based on Nintendo’s website, a NeoGAF user created this table to show the conversion rate. Check it out below.


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  1. They will only bring back physical rewards if Switch sells like the Wii did. And even then I am sort of doubtful.
    I was burned by downloading on WiiU. No trade in value on games I no longer want. No way to tranfer them to the next console. No internal memory so had to buy an external hard drive.


    • Physical rewards would be great, but right now, I’d take digital rewards – just better ones. Free games from a wide selection, or just redeemable eshop funds. Anything, just anything rather than 20% off vouchers for games I don’t want/can get for 40% cheaper if I just buy physically.

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  2. Already got over 4000 platinum points and 160 gold coins with nothing to use them on. I want free games for my coins. Discounts on digital exclusives would be okay too. And I don’t like that physical releases get less points than digital, and that by a huge amount less. I still prefer retail games.


  3. Well the only game I want a physical copy of right now is Breath of the Wild. Missed out on preordering it and I have so much to do I probably won’t have time to go pick it up until next Wednesday 😕. After that I think I’ll go digital for just about everything so that I never need to remove that Zelda Game Card(or Cart or whatever).


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