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Digital Switch Games Will Be Worth More My Nintendo Points Than The Retail Version

Nintendo seems to be using the My Nintendo Rewards Programme to push the digital versions of their games. This is certainly a logical move, Nintendo earning more money from a digital copy of a game than the retail version. While the physical release of a game will still earn players some My Nintendo Gold Points, the eShop version will net far more. Based on Nintendo’s website, a NeoGAF user created this table to show the conversion rate. Check it out below.


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  1. I don’t hate that digital purchases accrue more gold points necessarily but that’s a ridiculous amount more. The physical ones are barely worth cashing in.

    As an aside about this, I hope they finally get their act together and improve the rewards!

    1. If the rewards are shitty anyway does this really matter? ;)

      I’m still going physical for everything that I can.

  2. They will only bring back physical rewards if Switch sells like the Wii did. And even then I am sort of doubtful.
    I was burned by downloading on WiiU. No trade in value on games I no longer want. No way to tranfer them to the next console. No internal memory so had to buy an external hard drive.

    1. Physical rewards would be great, but right now, I’d take digital rewards – just better ones. Free games from a wide selection, or just redeemable eshop funds. Anything, just anything rather than 20% off vouchers for games I don’t want/can get for 40% cheaper if I just buy physically.

  3. Already got over 4000 platinum points and 160 gold coins with nothing to use them on. I want free games for my coins. Discounts on digital exclusives would be okay too. And I don’t like that physical releases get less points than digital, and that by a huge amount less. I still prefer retail games.

  4. Well the only game I want a physical copy of right now is Breath of the Wild. Missed out on preordering it and I have so much to do I probably won’t have time to go pick it up until next Wednesday 😕. After that I think I’ll go digital for just about everything so that I never need to remove that Zelda Game Card(or Cart or whatever).

  5. What good is it when they offer no rewards to redeem for? I don’t think they’ve thought this through at all. More coins that can’t be spent is no motivator.

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