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SuperData Believes Nintendo Switch Could Sell 5 Million Units In 2017

Market researcher SuperData Research is confident about Nintendo Switch sales and believes that the console could sell 5 million units in this year alone. This means that healthy sales for the console are expected on the back of the Wii U which only sold 14 million units. The company believes that it will be the devout Nintendo fans buying the console initially but it could well open up to mainstream appeal.

“The biggest challenge for Nintendo is to convince console gamers to purchase the Switch as a second device, as many have already committed to a PlayStation 4 (53.4 million installed base, worldwide) or Xbox One (26 million).

“Asking $300 for a new console without a bundled game is a comparatively higher barrier to entry for consumers, considering that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are already discounted and come with a free game.”

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  1. I would say maybe 9 million this year if it gets all the stuff right plus Zelda now and Mario later… Why do people keep comparing the price to the other when they 4 years old lol

  2. 5 million is rather low.
    It is set to sell 2 million on launch.
    That would mean that during 9 months, it would sell only only 300k a month.
    They are seriously underestimating power of Mario on holiday season.
    If Switch would be going that slow, Nintendo would most likely lower the price to 250 by holiday season.

  3. I feel bad for anyone who fully commits to just one console. I used to do that for YEARS. Nintendo was all I cared about. I brutally insulted the competition (any competition there ever was). But after giving Playstation a try, I started to really like it (didn’t start to actually love it until the PS3). The PS3 and PS4 are my favorite non-Nintendo consoles. I only wish the PS4 supported custom soundtracks.

    Now, I can’t imagine a world without both my Sony AND Nintendo consoles. Because I wouldn’t want to miss out on any console exclusives that I might love (like the upcoming “The Last Of Us 2” , and Zelda and Mario games etc. from Nintendo). With both brand consoles, I can have the best of both worlds. But please, don’t mention Xbox to me. I doubt I’ll EVER be won over by Xbox.

    But with all of that said, Nintendo will always be my heart and soul. My bedroom shows my Nintendo love. With all of these amiibo and World Of Nintendo figures sitting everywhere. Hehe. I want to display EVERYTHING, but I have no more room. Buying the Switch is a no-brainer for me. Even if I’m forced to buy it late, I WILL buy one!

    1. I understand you, though money is what it is and most people don’t have enough of it.
      Personally I always liked to have passion for one thing at a time, I’m monogamous. So even if I played with both Saturn, PlayStation and Nintendo 64 I did it selling the previous console. That’s it.
      Today I’m very much less in love with videogames and I plan to have just the PC and the Nintendo Switch. I want to be in love just with Nintendo. I don’t like any PlayStation console after the original one (menu, colors, appearance. I just don’t like Sony in anything they do anymore, they streamlined ugliness on all their electronics), I had Xbox and X360 but XB1 is the ugliest of the bunch. Also those games for me are just boring, no need for a second console. Definitely if the Nintendo Switch will be successful there will be no *need* for a second console.

  4. I think they can sell more if they keep up the news and info. E3 is going to be crucial for them this year. They’ve already outlined what they have planned for 2017. E3 has to bring news; things we haven’t seen yet. They need to reveal more games and present their plans for beyond 2017. The past few E3’s for Nintendo brought virtually nothing new to the table. They simply presented updates on projects we already knew about.

    1. I hope we see more announcements for Holiday 2017… if the Switch is as easy to develop for as is being said, I hope that initial sales encourage development through the year for more 3rd party holiday releases and maybe a couple Nintendo surprises we are unaware of as of yet.

      1. Yeah 3rd parties will be a big deal. As of now, indie devs seem to love developing for it and I expect to see smaller titles arrive from the big 3rd parties in the future. My concern is that the AAA titles won’t be considered for Switch.

        I think we’ll be able to accurately predict the fate of the Switch by June. This upcoming E3 may say it all. I’m currently expecting about 60 mil lifetime sales, based on the current momentum.

        1. Tall order… I think we might similar Switch “exclusive ports” like the Wii got as the cycle moves forward. While those didn’t work as well, I think the Switch being HD, and a handheld, as well as not married to motion controls will help, encourage and inspire companies that want to get some more life out of their IP on a different console.

          Or they can just port the actual game, either or… I’d love to see another “bird’s eye view” GTA title in HD for the Switch. The last one they made for the DS was straight titties for me. Loved it

  5. 5 million is a generous guess. It’s too expensive for what it is. After the initial launch. I don’t see it selling much without a price drop. Honestly, I don’t think it will sell much more then the WiiU in the end. Too many mistakes were made.

    1. I mostly agree. I think we will see huge numbers the first month or so, then another huge spike during the holidays when people who couldn’t afford it or were waiting for Mario will jump on board.

      After that, it will really depend… I think whoever wants one, will have one by the end of the holidays, then the numbers will drop off. That will be when we see the price drop (this time next year maybe)

      It will come down to games, as it always does. They need to land some big 3rd party games to make this work. If developers put games like GTA5 or 6, and… well, I don’t know any others at the moment. Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t going to be on switch anytime soon, nor will Horizon Zero Dawn, which is kicking ass right now. – But yeah, it needs games. Not just indies. Not just Nintendo games. And you know for Damn sure you won’t see a Zelda game like Breath of the wild until the end of it’s life.

      A Solid Metroid game could also be a system seller. I know it hasn’t in the past, but It could now.

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