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Nintendo Suggests Those With Joy-Con Connection Problems To Avoid Bundles Of Wires & Aquariums

Joy-Con connection problems have been an issue ever since reviewers were able to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch. Now, with the console’s release, Nintendo has offered suggestions on how to avoid the problem. Literally. Nintendo suggest gamers have the Switch in an area where it is not “behind a TV, near an aquarium, placed in or under a metal object, pressed against a large amount of wires and cords and within three to four feet of another wireless device, such as a wireless speaker or a wireless access point”. Nintendo also suggests to turn off devices that can cause interference, such as microwaves, laptops, tablets and wireless printers.



      1. In all seriousness, be careful with your switch, I hear the screen scratches are much easier to get than you would think. :/ Plus side, it’s where the dock rubs on the switch, not the illuminated part.

        I hope all the people not used to Nintendo’s bullshit are careful, because like typical Nintendo, they won’t fix the core problem, and they cut corners on quality yet AGAIN. GODDAMN, Didn’t they learn from the 3DS?? The switch doesn’t even have a cover to protect it on the go… it should have used gorilla glass.

        To those participating in the Great Switch Experiment, Best of luck! and I hope all your troubles lead to a better product in a year or two!

        1. I saw the story about the screen getting scratched. It’s weird though because nobody else has complained about the dock scratching the screen. In any case my Switch will be in a case when not being used. I’m not taking any chances.

          1. I’ve read three reports of it. Which is very low, however that’s how the 3DS screen scratches reports started as well.

            For the late be of God people, if your dock scratches your screen, tell Nintendo about it. You all need to stand up on this one if it’s really an issue.

              1. I owned 3 also. Every one of them had the issue. it was resolved with the N3DS however.

                Did you take it with you everywhere? It was a mass problem, but Nintendo fixed it over and over and over!, so it’s all good.

                1. I had a standard 3ds when I was in school and took it with me every day. It was the Zelda limited edition though so I made sure to take very good care of it. How exactly were the screens being damaged? I may have been avoiding the problem without realizing it.

                  Later I got a 3DS XL, and shortly after, a N3DSXL, but I was near graduation at that point and haven’t taken those ones out of the house much.

                  1. so what was happening was the lower screen would come into contact with the upper screen ever so slightly so after a couple months the top screens plastic was too soft and begin getting nicked and scratched by the edges of the bottom screen.

                    So what you had were two vertical lines on your upper screen with very very slight scratches but noticeable and that interferes with the 3-D effect.

                    I managed to save my screen the first time with a screen protector and I had one that I kept a microfiber cloth in, but even it managed to get scratched.

                    basically the plastic that use on the upper screen was just not strong enough and they we’re not able to install knobs on the upper screen to help provide enough clearance.

                    1. That explains it. I always kept a microfiber cloth inside my 3DS just as a safe practice. I did notice a couple times after having my 3DS closed for a long time, there would be an outline from the bottom screen on the top; but it always just rubbed right off. That sucks for people that happened to.

  1. I literally fail every one of these requirements. I have a fish tank, my Switch is right next to a wireless device, a bunch of other wires, metal cabinet, and my microwave laptop, tablet and phone are all on.

    Lmaoo, if I had to rearrange my entire living room just to play the Switch…. well I’d probably rearrange my entire living room. But good for me I haven’t had any desyncing problems…

  2. This is going to sound silly but I have a question about using my Joycon. I hold both of them vertically and they work fine. In the bottom left corner of the home screen it shows them as being vertical. I went to play Snipperclips one player and I turned the Joycon sideways. When I was done playing Snipperclips on the Home Screen the Joycon icon still showed it as sideways. The only way I was able to get the system to recognize that I wanted the Joycon to be vertical again was to put it in sleep mode and then wake the system. I would think just by turning the controller it would register. However, in the settings you can set the controller to be recognized either vertically or horizontally. Do I have to realign it each time I am done playing a game with the Joycon sideways?

  3. My switch is in my gaming setup room… which also has a crap load of wires to my PC, TV, Playstation and even a wireless printer… not a single issue with my joy-cons

  4. I just had a problem today when link kept going forward without responding my commands. Also when playing bomberman same happened. Too much revels today I hope they obey tomorrow !

  5. I’ve not had a SINGLE issue with neither Joycons nor connectivity of ANY form.
    Sad to see some people feel duped by Ninendo‚Ķ I’ve only experienced greatness so far!

    1. ||The Switch can only be handled 100% by superior beings like me, since I don’t even breath to cause any problems…||

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