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No dbrand Skins For Nintendo Switch As The Adhesive Damages The Plastic

Dbrand has announced on Twitter that they won’t be selling custom skins for the Nintendo Switch console. The company says that they received their unit a few days ago and after some heavy prototyping they soon realised that the coating on the Joy-Cons do not play well with any kind of adhesive. The company has announced that every Switch pre-order skin will be canceled and they advise against buying any skins at all for the system.


  1. Between this and the screen scratching dock problem, It’s pretty clear they cut corners on the quality of the materials. I just hope It’s still sturdy enough to survive minor incidents. It can’t really call itself portable if any little thing causes significant damage.

    1. I respectfully disagree about quality of materials bro. There is a 5 ft. drop test video above, and the switch made it through 6 drops before taking any significant damage. As far as the screen getting scratched when docking, I think its really a matter of being careful, and not careless about docking my guy. Even glass scratches, theres no way to escape scratching unless you get a screen protector, which only costs about 15 dollars. Its a worthy investment if you want to increase the lifespan of your devices breh.

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