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Yacht Club Games Says Nintendo Switch Is Incredibly Easy To Develop For

We have heard from a number of indie developers about Nintendo’s recently released Nintendo Switch console and the consensus is that it’s far easier to develop for than the Wii U. The latest developer interviewed was Yacht Club Lead programmer and studio co-founder, David D’Angelo who reiterated this.

“Nintendo first came to us. They said, ‘We have something coming. No we can’t tell you what it is, but if you have something around this time then that would be great.’ They do a pretty good job of keeping us in the loop in case our projects line up.

I would say the Switch is light years ahead of the Wii U. It’s an incredibly easy system to develop for, even compared to other consoles. The biggest unknown for us is, I mean this is a launch title, so you don’t really have an idea of how people are going to be playing it, how they’re going to be using the system, what the conventions of use are going to be. So you try to do guess work and figure out what those are going to be, even when Nintendo doesn’t even know how people will interact with the system. That’s the real tricky part about developing for it.”

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  1. OK. Devs who port 6 yr old games say its easy. Devs of 8bit-indie-2D games say it’s easy …. still missing something for the full confidence.

    But OK, the Snakepass-guys also seemed to like the process. Still, if one of the bigger studios could at some point report their experience with the dev kits, it would help.

    1. Devs of brand-new indie games utilizing HD Rumble and gyro sensors say it’s easy. Devs creating a jaw-droppingly gorgeous spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie say it’s easy. Not big studios, but at least it’s getting closer.

  2. “They dont know how gamers are gonne use it”

    What happened to just hanging in your sofa, with a beer and a spliff, just playing games? Or have night with your mates, with alot of beer and spliffs, Like it has always been.

    Why always search for stuff you think we like to do? Hate that!

    Just give us a good working standard controller and games, games and more games. And we will buy your stuff until we die.

    Now…. i am getting annoyed.

    1. If that’s all you want, then go buy a PlayStation, Xbox or good gaming pc. There’s nothing wrong with Nintendo trying to be different.

      Now, My son and I both got a Switch. He took his over to his friends house on Saturday. There were six of them there. He brought 1 2 Switch with him. At first, he said that no one seems real interested in him setting it up, but he did anyway. After they started playing, he said that everyone was having a blast for the next few hours and that two of them said that they’d definitely be picking one up. People should not judge something without ever having used it, but sadly these forums are full of people like that.

      1. The funny thing is, this is a Nintendo exclusive forum, and yet the haters are, for some reason, reading, and commenting. I think they secretly like Nintendo but are afraid to admit it. To all the trolls and haters: Come out of the closet!

  3. I just realized something, most of these developers say the switch is easy to develop games for, because half the games they develop are simple 2D retro-style games (which can run on almost any next-gen system).

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