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Video: Here’s More Footage Of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe From PAX East

PAX East is currently taking place and naturally Nintendo is there to showcase the latest and greatest Nintendo Switch titles. One of the games showcased is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Nintendo has been showing off the game’s Battle Mode. You can check out Shine Thief and Renegade Roundup, below. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is due for release April 28th.


  1. People often criticize Nintendo for re-releasing old games. I know sometimes (specially in virtual console) tries to monetize as much as possible with old games. But let’s be honest not that many people bought the Wii U, it was a commercial failure. It’s a great idea re-release good quality Wii U games, there’s a lot of them. And with the Switch, now you can play HD good Nintendo games on the go. It’s brilliant.

  2. Im with you on this on this nobody even care about the wii u or knew what it was. Now almost the whole world knows about the switch mk8 deluxe is a port done right heck this game is going to be people first game for the switch so this is a good idea

    1. How is this a port done right? Four new characters.
      No new tracks. Adding a battle mode that should’ve been in the first place plus charging it at a full price for a old game.

      Instead of making a switch exclusive Mario kart game like they usually do.

      I see why people say Nintendo fans switch face:
      Nintendo always pushes out full games they’d never do dlc.
      They always know how to do dlc right.

      Nintendo will never do paid internet.
      Nintendo’s is better then Sony and Microsoft because theirs is cheaper and have better games.

      If this was a different company doing this everyone would flip their lids.

      And I say this as a Nintendo fan.

  3. Thats great In all lady rosalina. But you have to realize this the wii u fail and it was a big flop mk8 deluxe is great for people who couldnt get this game on the wii u it will pretty much outsell the original and the only reason people are gettting mad at this is because this version should of been like the first one who cares what you say it or what I say it wont make difference period to what nintendo will for there company you just gonna have to let go of the bashing on mk8 deluxe cause no matter what you do people are still going to buy and not give a crap about what you say

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