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US: World Of Goo, Little Inferno, And Human Resource Machine Coming To Nintendo Switch On Thursday

Tomorrow Corporation has confirmed that World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine will be arriving this week in North America on the Nintendo Switch. The games will be part of the Thursday eShop update, so be on the look out for that. For those of you in Europe, Tomorrow Corporation haven’t got an exact date when the games are going to arrive. They hope to provide an update soon.



      1. Lol so I’ve heard. I played world of goo on my iPhone 3g it was kinda underwhelming even though it earned several awards. I might give it another shot when I run out of games to play on switch or on an impulse buy. I have no clue about the other two tho

  1. Can’t wait, do hope we get a date for Europe soon. Need to play World of Goo, has heard so much about it! Not buying the other two again, but they were both fun games.

  2. Damn, sorry about spamming. Didn’t realize my replies would show up as regular comments

  3. I can speak for World of Goo as being a great unique game. It can get frustrating sometimes, but I absolutely love the entire aesthetic and the varied levels. Little Inferno is a bit of a shorter game, but it was still pretty good. Your enjoyment of the game after beating it will rely on your own creativity, since all else there is to do after beating the game is to just burn things in the fireplace, which can be fun if you just like seeing things slowly burn (which I didn’t think I did until playing this game).

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