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Permadeath Is Coming To Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes might be a mobile game, but it nearly features all of the franchise’s core concepts. While the Fire Emblem staple of permadeath has yet to feature in Heroes, the game’s developers have revealed it is coming eventually. Vaguely referenced in the game’s latest update log, Nintendo have yet to give a date for the feature. Unlike traditional Fire Emblem games, it looks like the option will only be available in special events. Are you glad this feature is returning? Tell us below.

Although it is currently under development , we can not tell you in detail yet, but we are in the process of developing an event that requires capture under circumstances in which collapsed fellows do not resurrect . For both fans of the series and those who are not, we are developing with the aim of enjoying thrilling play like the past Fire Emblem series.




  1. This is only okay as long as they bring back free daily orbs. One a week isn’t cutting it, especially if we have to worry about potentially losing units.

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    1. I get daily orbs everyday, I only log in now adays to bank them. Yesterday’s free orbs went up too 10 (they released new characters so yesterdays amount must only apply to that day.) Its wierd that you arent getting them.

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      1. They have been giving out orbs due to other events, (the voting gauntlet and twitter retweet), but as of the 13th I believe the 2 orbs daily app release event has stopped, it has been replaced with the “play everyday” event, which gave a new set of daily log-in rewards, only one of which is an orb (Sunday).

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      2. Fuck, I was so tied up with Zelda, I forgot to login my last weekend to get free orbs???
        D; Say it isn’t so! (seriously, this makes me sad!)

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      3. If you haven’t gotten them yet there are 25 free orbs from the voting gauntlet/twitter events. And you can get an orb from daily arena quests, but that requires a little more effort than simply logging in.


      4. I JUST got the 25 from the voting. And I don’t know if I’ll be getting the Arena quest orbes very often. I still have a small stash of unfinished stages to mine some orbs…

        Overall, I think the game has been very fair for a free-to-play. Not getting daily orbs will hurt for people like me that don’t want to put a lot of money in a mobile game, but I did spend $10. So I feel like I supported the devs at least some. I feel like I’m getting my $10 out of the game.

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    2. It is now 8 a week. Better, but it is falsely stated here.
      Daily login bonus (Sundays only)
      Daily arena goal (defeat 20 heroes level 10+) – should be easy to get as long as you do daily arena battles with your best heroes.


  2. If this is true then its bullshit. I love the feature in the main game, but people pay real money for their units in Heroes and if you don’t then you tend to be pretty limited on good ones.


    1. Whew! All this talk of turning off the daily orbs and then bringing permadeath was starting to sound like FE App suicide to me! Sounds like it won’t be quite like that. :D

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  3. I personally disliked permadeath because you spend the entire game developing your characters when all of a sudden the RNG gods toss you a sequence of bad rolls– and then what? You’re sotl?

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    1. On the 3DS, you shut the game off and try again. Permadeth basically forces you to choose if you are willing to play over and over to perfection if you want everyone to live or if you are willing to leave some to fall in battle so you can continue on.

      I like permadeth, but I’m not sure I’d be fond of it on the mobile platform.

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      1. I suppose. Now, if Intelligent Systems were really serious about permadeath, they would manage their save files like how roguelikes handle theirs: the save file is deleted as soon as the game is loaded.

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      1. Permadeath has to do with the game’s atmosphere. When you play on casual mode it’s easy to just allow your units to die and it means nothing because they’ll just come back later. When you’re playing with permadeath, it gives the lives of your units more value and puts more weight on your actions. This makes the atmosphere more intense and the game in general more challenging. I can understand that it’s not for everyone, but there is a reason that many people prefer to play this way.


  4. You should really read the whole post and check your information before posting an article like this. It states at the end of their news post that fans should not worry because their characters will not permanently die. So no, there is no perma-death coming to Fire Emblem: Heroes.


  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Good thing you get your units you lost back when the event ends. Unless of course you net a better version of your character after the event ends. In which case, bye bye older version anyway. lol

    On the subject of permadeath, I’m glad it’s an option in Fire Emblem nowadays. Permadeath NEVER did a story completionist, and rage gamer, like me any favors at all back in the day. Now if only the Fire Emblem with Eliwood, Hector, & Lyndis, my first entry into the franchise, had permadeath as an option.


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