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Former Silicon Knights President Says Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes Possible For Switch

Denis Dyack, the former president of Silicon Knights, was asked by a Twitter user whether it would be possible to get the beloved Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes on the Nintendo Switch. Dyack simply replied by saying “yes”. GameCube emulation has been hinted at by a number of insiders, but Nintendo has yet to confirm their Virtual Console plans for their latest console.



  1. OK, hold on, I love Denis Dyack, I loved his former studio Silcon Knights for making Eternal Darkness and remaking MGS in the form of Twin Snakes. However, this is still a Konami property, so in order for this to happen, Konami needs to green light it. Again would be awesome but, since Konami owns the MGS licence it would be pretty hard to try and convince them to bring it over to the Switch. (PS. I would love too see that tho)


    1. Konami has made it clear that they want nothing to do with gamers any more. Pachinko is the way to go. Even if they do support the Switch with games, I’m reluctant to support them because of their past statements and actions. And MGS is not MGS without Kojima. So in other words, until further notice, F*** Konami.

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    2. He just said yes to the chance. I mean there’s always a chance. There’s also a chance Mario could be Sony’s new mascot. That chance just isn’t very high ;)

      Assuming Konami would stop bitchin, it would be possible. And considering how they already did ports of other MGS in the past, I could totally imagine Konami partner with Nintendo to recycle all MGS games onto the Switch. Major problem here would be, that the cutscenes alone would already waste a third of its batteries per session ;)
      But I could totally imagine them releasing MGS 1,2,3, Peace Walker, 4 and 5 on the Switch. Technically, this would be absolutely possible and after the Switch is a new market, accessing quite a different audience, it would absolutely make sense from a business point. I’d pick up MGS3, Peace Walker and 5.

      But sure. It’s Konami. So who knows.

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      1. I do believe that some studios might also notice how big the attach rate of Zelda is and start assuming that this audience would also be very likely to play a game like for instance MGS or any other action adventure. Especially a port of Metal Gear Solid V, which also happens to be an open world version of a very successful japanese brand, would just be very fitting.
        With most Nintendo systems, studios often were more like ‘nah, there’s no audience for that’ but by kicking off with games like 1-2-Switch AND BotW Nintendo kinda covered two very different audiences at once, so I guess there’s no real excuse.

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      2. That plus the type of gamers too. Rather it would be core at home players, or the go getters who are on the move constantly. There is an audience there because the go getters doesn’t have time to stay home and play those games but, the Switch with it portable home console form factor can help that.

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      3. It’s just such a well designed piece of geeky gadget art *sigh*.
        I’m in office right now and I have my Switch in my bag. Just because. I guess I just happen to be the perfect usecase for that system. So yeah, I’m pretty thrilled to see what E3 holds for us.

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      4. Oh man, every time I go to work or go out, I bring my Switch every where just because also. I have Shovel Knight and FAST RMX for anyone that sees me play want to give it a try. And yes it is a well designed piece of tech

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