Game Informer has produced an interesting video sharing the thoughts of various developers about the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Joining the Game Informer cast is BioShock’s Ken Levine, Rez and Galak-Z’s Jake Kazdal, The Walking Dead and Firewatch’s Jake Rodkin, and Battleborn and ArenaNet’s Aaron Linde.



  1. ||In place of an Xbox, you will have a Switch, not light, but wonderful and terrible as the night, treacherous as the Ing, stronger than the foundations of the earth, All shall love us, and Despair||

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  2. That was an interesting discussion on Zelda, my first Zelda game was A Link to the Past and loved it, it consumed my life as a child, as did Ocarina of Time years later. Wind Waker, Twilight Priness and Skyward Sword were good but never grabbed me like A Link to the Past did or Ocarina of Time, but so far Breath of the Wild has totally grabbed me, loving it, been playing it for almost 2 weeks and the game still feels new like the first time I’ve played it as I’m still discovering things.


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